5 portable sprinkler system options for a lush healthy lawn

January 31, 2015

If you don't have a permanent in-ground sprinkler system installed, the easiest way to water your grass is with a portable sprinkler system. Here are some options.

5 portable sprinkler system options for a lush healthy lawn

1. Fixed sprinkler

A fixed sprinkler system is the simplest portable sprinkler on the market. The water distribution pattern is typically uneven and can sometimes spray in an umbrella-like shape, among others.

  • You'll have to move the sprinkler around to ensure the grass is watered evenly. Otherwise, grass next to the sprinkler head receives less water than the grass along the outside edge of the watering radius.
  • This type of portable sprinkler works best on small lawns.

2. Oscillating sprinkler

An oscillating sprinkler has an arm that swings back and forth, spraying water up into the air—just like the sprinklers you used to run through on your lawn as a kid.

  • Some oscillating sprinklers pause at the end of each swing. This allows extra water to reach the outside perimeter of the watering radius, which gets less than the centre.
  • This sprinkler works best on a standard-sized, rectangular lawn. Since water shoots up into the air, nearby trees or shrubs may interfere with water distribution.

3. Travelling sprinkler

A travelling sprinkler moves across the entire length of the lawn, watering it evenly along the way.

  • The sprinkler head is powered by water pressure and looks like a small tractor moving along its track.
  • This portable sprinkler is best for large, flat lawns. If your yard has a steep slope and tends to get muddy, a travelling sprinkler may get stuck in the mud while moving uphill.

4. Revolving sprinkler

A revolving sprinkler has a pivoting head that rotates its arms while throwing water in a circular pattern on your lawn.

  • You must move it around to water your grass evenly because it distributes the most water to the area closest to its base.
  • Since a revolving sprinkler sprays water close to the ground, nearby trees or bushes won't interfere with evenly watering your lawn.

5. Impulse sprinkler

An impulse sprinkler has a spring-loaded arm that deposits water evenly around your yard. It's the one that makes that familiar "clack, clack, clack" noise you've probably heard many times before.

  • Large droplets of water shoot out of the revolving sprinkler head in a circular pattern on the grass. As such, because this sprinkler distributes water evenly around your lawn, it isn't necessary to move it.
  • The sprinkler's low -profile spray pattern ensures that wind, bushes and other obstacles don't interfere with even watering of your lawn.

No matter which portable sprinkler system you choose, make sure your water hose is long enough to reach all grassy areas of your lawn. It might also help to ask your neighbours what kind of sprinkler they use, because chances are their lawn is similar to yours in size and shape.

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