5 quirky activities to do with kids during March Break

March 1, 2021

Whether your kids have been in the classroom or at home for virtual learning, March Break 2021 is going to look very different from previous years. Travel restrictions and limits on social gatherings have cancelled the typical March Break day camps and family vacations, and the holidays have shifted for many provincial school boards. March Break in Quebec began at the end of February, the western provinces and Atlantic Canada take time off in mid-March, and Ontario’s March Break has been postponed to the week of April 12.

And while we’re all sick of being stuck at home, it’s still important to make the most of this time off. Here are a few creative activities designed to keep your kids entertained and engaged during this unusual March Break.

5 quirky activities to do with kids during March Break

[Photo Credit: Africa Studio]

Bury a time capsule

March Break 2021 is sure to be unlike any other, so why not memorialize it in a time capsule. Write letters to your future selves about your hopes and dreams for what’s to come and include current-day memorabilia like a face mask, hand sanitizer, a newspaper clipping, trendy fashion items, photos, or artwork. Tuck your keepsakes in a sturdy container and store your capsule somewhere secret for safe keeping and agree not to open it for a set period of time – be that five, 10, or even 20 years.

Host a family book club

Enjoying the same book together over March Break is a great way to connect as a family and inspire a life-long love of reading. Choose an age-appropriate page-turner for your family book club and commit to reading a few chapters each day. When everyone has finished, host a book-club night with snacks and a family discussion. Make a list of questions to help guide the conversation as you explore the different themes covered in the book.

Tackle some spring cleaning together

If you’re stuck at home for March Break, now’s the perfect time to get organized and teach your little ones about the life-changing magic of tidying up. Make spring cleaning a fun family activity by putting on an upbeat playlist and getting to work together. Swap over seasonal clothes in your closets, organize your bookshelves by colour, purge the pantry and take stock of your toiletries. You could even purchase some decorative bins and containers to help sort and store art supplies and toys.

Get creative with calligraphy

Encourage your kids to take a much-needed break from their keyboards and try calligraphy. Ready-made calligraphy kits are available online and from your local craft store and include pen nibs, pots of ink, and all the materials you need to get started. Mastering this art form takes practice so be patient and learn the basic pen strokes and hand positions before moving on to advanced techniques.

Go geocaching

Take part in the world’s largest treasure hunt and explore your local area by geocaching. Download a geocaching app on your smartphone and use the GPS to search for hidden containers in your neighbourhood. Don’t forget to bring a pen; once you discover the geocache, you can sign and date the logbook and flip through the pages to see all the people who have come before you. Happy hunting!

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