5 great reasons to get into kayaking

November 3, 2015

Kayaking is a sport that continues to grow in popularity for good reason: it's fun and excellent for your health. If you've never tried it before you're missing out on a number of different benefits. Here are the five most common.

5 great reasons to get into kayaking

1. Weight loss

Vigorous kayaking can help you lose weight if you need to shed a few pounds.

  • Moving a kayak at a moderate pace burns, on average, about 400 calories per hour. This means that a four-hour kayaking trip will burn about 1,600 calories.

That is great exercise for someone who is trying to trim down a little bit.

2. Stress reduction

Life can be stressful in ways we don't even realize. Financial stress, relationship stress, career stress and other worries can build up and over time make us feel tense.

  • Kayaking is a great way to take your mind off life's worries. Moving your boat through the water in a peaceful setting, connecting with nature, is a great way to shed stress and allow your mind to calm down.

You may also want to silence your smartphone while out kayaking and refuse to take any calls.

  • Endless phone calls and emails can also be a source of stress.
  • Feel free to take selfies, however, to remember your experience!

3. Muscle toning

In addition to weight loss, kayaking is also great for improving muscle tone.

  • It gets the muscles in your back, chest, stomach and arms moving while you're out paddling.
  • You'll probably do about 315 strokes per kilometre, each one requiring muscle strength to draw the paddle through the water.

Kayaking will help strengthen your whole upper body and get you fit in no time.

  • What's more, paddling doesn't involve sudden, jerky movements so it's easier on your joints than jogging, for example.

4. Fresh air

In our busy lives, it can be hard to find the time to get outdoors and enjoy nature.

  • Kayaking is a great excuse to spend time outside enjoying the fresh air – especially if you block off time in your busy schedule.

A typical kayaking trip will involve a few hours of being outside.

  • The sunshine is great for boosting your overall well-being and the fresh air will help improve oxygen circulation to your brain, which in turn aids mental sharpness.

5. Clear mind

Kayaking is also great for your mental health. Together, exercise and fresh air are great for bolstering your mood as is setting goals and working towards them.

  • Don't establish unattainable goals if you're new to the sport. They will only discourage you even more if you think they can't be done.
  • Think "small," i.e., simply getting out of the house or away from the stress of the office to go kayaking is an achievement in itself that's worth recognizing.

If you're feeling stressed out or depressed, head to the water and get involved in kayaking in order to help clear your mind and boost your confidence.

  • What's more, kayaking with a friend is also a terrific way to alleviate stress and lift your mood. The companionship in a relaxed setting can do wonders for the spirit.

If you've never been kayaking and are keen to give it a try, don't let not having the right equipment be an excuse.

  • You could always borrow equipment from a friend before you go out and buy. There are also places where you can rent kayaks and get a few lessons at the same time.

Whatever your skill levels or experience with kayaking, few sports can match the enjoyment and health benefits of paddling around on the open water for a few hours.

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