5 reasons to request a hotel room reimbursement

Hotel rooms are expensive. So if you aren’t satisfied with your stay, you should ask for your money back and get a reimbursement. Here are a few situations that may be deserving of a refund.

5 reasons to request a hotel room reimbursement

1. The bed was uncomfortable

Getting a good night’s sleep is so important. And what are we essentially paying for when we stay at a hotel? A place to sleep. If the hotel bed is not comfortable, then the hotel has failed in the main area of service it is supposed to be offering.

2. The breakfast was terrible or not as advertised

A good night’s sleep is important, and so is a good breakfast to start the day. Most hotels offer breakfast, but if the breakfast is not tasty or not nutritious, your day has gotten off to a bad start. If the options were either not fresh or not very healthy, you may be able to request a refund.

3. The hotel’s facilities were closed for maintenance

If you chose a specific hotel, it’s probably partly because of the facilities. Maybe there’s a spa, a pool or a gym. If you are counting on being able to use these services but you find out they are closed for whatever reason, it’s not fair to you. Some hotels may offer you some other service to compensate upon arrival, but if they don't warn you of the closures or try to accommodate you some other way, a refund may be in order.

4. The facilities were dirty or in bad condition

Maybe the hotel’s facilities were open, but they were just not up to the standards you were expecting. For example, if the spa is dirty, then you won’t want to spend any time in it—which is basically the equivalent of the hotel not having a spa at all.

5. Excess noise due to elevator proximity

Staying overnight in a hotel should be a positive, relaxing experience. If you can’t relax or sleep because of the noise from a nearby elevator, that could be grounds for a partial refund.

Getting a hotel room reimbursement

If you are dissatisfied with your stay for whatever reason, you shouldn’t keep this information to yourself; you should politely complain. Not only will you feel better for getting it off your chest, but any good, reputable hotel will give you your money back—or give you a credit for a free night’s stay to make it up to you. You do not need to be settling for sub-par hotel experiences. Let the hotel staff or manager know you aren't happy, and a good hotel will do something about it, as long as you remain respectful and polite when you address the manager about your complaints.

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