5 reasons to shop local online

February 8, 2021

While COVID-19 restrictions have forced us to shop online, we’re also loving the convenience factor. By making a conscious choice to shop local online we get to feel great about supporting the hardworking entrepreneurs in our community, too. And that’s not all. There are at least five more good reasons to shop online, where you live.

5 reasons to shop local online

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1. Discover new brands

Small business owners are expert curators. When your online store can’t stock ALL the brands, you make sure to offer the most interesting and unique products to capture and keep, your customer’s attention. In the e-commerce space, search engine results for ‘online clothing store' display a mix of big-name chains and small boutiques. Visit both to compare the diversity of brands, especially those that are designed locally and produced in small quantities.

2. Personalized customer service

Savvy small business owners know that exceptional customer service helps them stand out from competitors. Customers who receive standout service will buy from them again and are likely to refer a friend or leave a great online review. When shopping local online, remember those small business owners have a wealth of subject-matter expertise to share. Reach out with your questions, ask for personalized recommendations, or about a special order. Add a personalized note when placing an online grocery order to skip the cantaloupe unless it’s ripe, or that you’re looking for the perfect cheese to serve with a Zinfandel. Your local grocer may surprise you with tasty treats you’ve never tried.

3. An easy way to send gifts

Need a gift for an important birthday or another special occasion? Shop local online and save yourself a step by shipping the item directly to the gift recipient. Many online retailers offer gift-wrapping services and will add a handwritten message of your choosing for a small additional fee.

4. Protect your privacy

It’s a special feeling when the staff at a local shop recognize you. You might receive a friendly greeting or have your usual order prepared before you can even ask. But what about when you need to pick up something that’s, well, a little embarrassing? There are times when everyone needs a new selfie stick, bed-bug spray, or a Justin Trudeau unicorn t-shirt, right? Anything you don’t feel comfortable purchasing in person, can be found online from a merchant near you, and save you an awkward encounter at the cash.

5. Support the local economy

Small business failure rates are discouraging at the best of times. These days they’re sky-high. Keeping local businesses alive is vital to the economy for local job creation and for maintaining the vibrancy of main streets everywhere. Shopping local online is a show of support for your local community of entrepreneurs. These scrappy innovators are a resilient bunch. Most face adversity just to get their business idea off the ground, and they support other small business owners by reselling their products to new audiences. As any SMB owner will tell you, every sale matters when you’re small.

Yellow Pages is here to help you shop local online
For over a century, Yellow Pages has been the leader in connecting Canadians with local stores, restaurants, and service providers across the country. At YP.ca it’s easy to shop local online: look for the shopping cart icon to indicate that the merchant has an e-commerce website.

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