5 reasons your car needs a scrub at the car wash

December 16, 2014

If you've never seen the point of getting your car washed regularly, think again. Here are five reasons you should opt for a regular automatic car washing.

5 reasons your car needs a scrub at the car wash

You don’t drive the Prime Minister around regularly and therefore never saw the point of getting your car washed on regular basis, right? Well, think again. There are several good and sensible reasons almost every car owner could benefit from even the most basic automatic car

1. Take care of your belongings

You get your oil changed, have your tires rotated, have your brakes inspected, and get all the regular car maintenance done on a regular basis, plus you do a little home cleaning every week. Why are you skipping on the car wash? Just like anything else you own, it makes sense to take good care of it.

More importantly, the chemicals in the atmosphere leave a layer of grime on your car that can attack your paint job. Even bird droppings can damage it. The longer you leave that layer of filth, the more difficult it becomes to clean off afterwards. Keep any undesirable elements from attacking your prized (or simply practical) possession by taking it to the car wash. If you want to be extra careful, you can even get it waxed to add an extra level of protection between your car and the grime.

2. Fuel economy

Washing your car regularly is one way to up your fuel efficiency. Apparently, the random dirt accumulation on your car helps air particles cling and create drag. MythBusters even debunked this one, calculating that a clean car was 10 per cent more fuel efficient than a grimy one.

3. Safer driving

This might be a pretty obvious one, but sending your car through the automatic car wash every once in a while will clean off the dirt on lights and mirrors, which will help keep you safe on the road. Our lives are hectic and we can’t be bothered to check mirrors and lights every time we go for a drive, so going for a regular scrub can be an easy way to keep on top of these smaller yet important safety checks.

4. Get rid of bacteria

The bacteria inside of your car is what we’re talking about here. You clean your toilet bowl, your cell phone, and your keyboard, but are you cleaning your steering wheel and buttons? You take your car every day, you eat in it, you take your pets around in your car, all of which are good reasons why you should clean your car more than once a year. You’re tracking stuff from all-over the place when you get back to your car. Why not give it a good regular cleaning?

5. The Prime Minister

Finally, what if by chance one day you had to drive the Prime Minister around, or maybe just your in-laws? According to Murphy’s Law, it would happen on the first Sunday morning after all of the snow has just melted in March and literally everyone in town is in line at the car wash. A little car cleaning maintenance on regular basis can’t hurt and will probably get you out of some sticky or embarrassing situation at some point in time.

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