5 hints to successfully pull off your dream beach wedding

5 hints to successfully pull off your dream beach wedding

Getting married on a beach can be both picturesque and breathtaking. A beach provides not only a gorgeous visual backdrop for a wedding but also an idyllic, natural soundtrack. While planning for a wedding on a beach does take a little work, it can can go off without a hitch with proper preparation.

Here are five hints to help you make your dream wedding a reality.

Handy hints

Hint #1: Prep your guests

Guests will enjoy seeing your wedding on the beach, but only if they're given enough notice to properly prepare.

  • Warn your guests to wear warm weather clothes and shoes that can get sandy (or shoes that can be easily removed). You'll want your guests to be comfortable during the event, not worrying about their shiny leather shoes and high heels.

Hint #2: Plan your outfit

Many brides dream of long, flowing gowns, but if you're planning to get married on the beach, think simple. Can it endure the sand, wind, and possible ocean spray?

  • Beach weddings often call for simpler, shorter dresses, and flat, comfortable shoes (or no shoes at all!)
  • Grooms who get married on the beach should also consider wearing a lightweight suit and removable shoes.

Hint #3: Have a backup plan

As with all outdoor weddings, it's important to have a backup plan when it comes to your wedding locale. A beach wedding is a great option if the weather is nice, but if the weather is raining or stormy, you'll want to move the wedding somewhere inside or sheltered.

  • Tell guests in advance if the backup bad-weather location is different from the beach location so they know where to go in that event.

Hint #4: Get permission

If you're having a wedding on a public beach, make sure that you've obtained the right permit to do so, should you need one.

  • Many cities require people to get special permits to hold events on a beach.
  • Also, consider having the event at an off-hour or out of season, so you don't have to battle beach goers if you don't have your own private space.

Hint #5: Expect wind!

Beaches can be windy, so factor that into the logistics planning.

  • Weigh down light objects like programs or place cards, and remind your announcers and officiant to speak loudly and clearly.
  • The bride and groom should also consider hairstyles that won't get in their faces when the wind blows.

Once everything is pinned down and prepared for the sun and beach breezes, your dream beach wedding is ready to begin!

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