5 simple DIY updates for your bathroom

November 6, 2014

If your bathroom has seen better days and is looking tired, here are some easy and inexpensive DIY updates you can do that won't force you to spend a bundle on renovations, but that go a long way to giving your bathroom a much-needed facelift.

5 simple DIY updates for your bathroom

1. Clean that grungy grout!

Grout is the white area between the tiles that holds them together. While tiles are easily cleanable, grout tends to show dirt easily and it can also encourage mildew when wet. To give your bathroom a bright, shiny appearance, take some time to clean your grout.

  • All you need for grout cleaner is equal parts dish soap and white vinegar.

To prepare and use a cleaning solution made from these two ingredients, simply:

  • Heat the vinegar for a few seconds in the microwave and mix it with the soap.
  • Next, use a toothbrush to rub the mixture into the grout and allow it to sit for 10 minutes.
  • Finally, scrub off the mixture with a wet cloth and your grout should look as good as new.

2. Change out an old shower head

A shower head gets a lot of use and it can easily get clogged and look ragged. Consider changing your old shower head yourself.

  • You can find a selection of shiny new shower heads at most hardware stores and home improvement centres, making it easy to choose one that suits your needs.
  • Many shower heads offer spa settings, which make the water flow in a particular way.

To change your shower head:

  • Simply unscrew the existing one and screw on the new one.
  • Use some teflon thread sealing tape on the threads of the pipe to which you are screwing the new shower head. This will keep it watertight at the junction.

If you're not sure what size shower head you need, bring the old one into the store and ask for guidance.

3. Replace the toilet seat

Replacing the toilet seat is an easy way to freshen up the look of a tired bathroom. Toilet seats and lids are detachable and can be removed in minutes from your existing toilet structure.

  • Purchase a new one at a hardware store or home improvement centre and remove the large screws that hold the seat to the rest of the toilet.
  • Your new seat should come with its own screws and hardware. You'll need some basic tools, including a screwdriver and wrench.

4. Reorganize and reduce clutter

A simple way to clean up the look of your bathroom is to reorganize it.

  • If you have cluttered drawers or medicine cabinets, consider adding shelves to the walls of your bathroom with small baskets for medicines, cleaning supplies, and cosmetics.
  • You can also add shelves to keep towels handy, as well as bathroom products that you and guests might want readily available.

5. Refinish the bathtub

If you have an old bathtub that shows some wear and tear, but you don't want to replace the whole thing, consider refinishing it.

  • You can buy special waterproof paints and finishes made especially for bathtubs at a hardware store or home improvement centre, then apply it to the tub with a simple paintbrush.
  • A fresh coat of tub finish can make your tub or shower look shiny and good as new.

An alternative is to have a vinyl tub liner placed over the old tub.

  • Although this isn't exactly a DIY job, it's a cheaper option than replacing the tub outright.

With just a few simple and effective DIY updates in your bathroom, you can achieve noticeable results that will make your bathroom feel almost as good as new.

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