5 ways to welcome out-of-town wedding guests

If you're hosting a wedding and will be welcoming out-of-town guests, here's how to make them feel right at home.

5 ways to welcome out-of-town wedding guests

1. Hotel treats

Make guests feel extra welcome by leaving them a special treat in their hotel room.

  • Choose a bottle of wine and adorn it with a personalized note or offer a selection of snacks in a basket.
  • Leaving a treat in a hotel room is a great way to make their stay away from home both comfortable and enjoyable.

2. Town guide

  • Your guests might be unfamiliar with your chosen wedding location, so create a guide to the area that outlines activities, sites and places to eat or drink.
  • There will definitely be down time in the middle of all the wedding festivities and you'll want your out-of-town guests to stay entertained.

3. Carve out time

If it's your wedding weekend, there's no doubt that you'll be stressed and busy, but out-of-town guests have come far to see you, so make sure you carve out some time to specifically spend with them.

  • Have a dinner simply for these guests, or do some fun activities with them. This way they get a chance to connect with you and you can show how much it means to you that they came.

4. Arrange transportation

A good way to ease the burden on out-of-town travellers is to make as many arrangements for them as possible.

  • You might want to arrange transportation options that can get them to and from the airport, train station or bus station, and that can get them to and from the wedding and around town.
  • Making their stay easy will make any out-of-town guests feel welcome.

5. Offer official acknowledgement

If you print a program for your wedding, officially recognize your out-of-town guests for travelling to your wedding.

  • List the people and where they came from inside, and thank them for making the trip.
  • This gesture can let everyone know how far people have travelled for the event, and it can make the travellers feel ultra-appreciated.

There will be many things to consider and remember around your wedding day, but making sure your out-of-town guests feel welcomed and happy will make your special day even better for everyone.

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