5 surprising things you can make in your slow cooker

November 3, 2015

Slow cookers are wonderful kitchen staples that help you make tasty soups and stews in a snap. Many people, however, don't know that there are a lot of great things in addition to soups and stews that they can cook in their slow cooker. Surprise your family with slow-cooked pizza or make a delicious breakfast during the week. Save time, money, and put your slow cooker to work for you.

5 surprising things you can make in your slow cooker

1. Pizza

  • Pizza is a classic family meal that you can reinvent in many ways -- including with a slow cooker.
  • All you need is your slow cooker and your favourite toppings handy.
  • Grease your slow cooker, place your dough into it, and then add your toppings.
  • When the crust's pulling away and turning a golden brown, it's ready to eat.

2. French Toast

  • Who has time to make a big breakfast during the week when everyone's rushing around getting ready for work and school?
  • When you put your slow cooker to work for you, you'd be surprised what kinds of easy, quick breakfasts you can make -- such as a French toast casserole.
  • This gooey and sweet casserole is delicious and it can be topped with things like blueberries, strawberries or sliced apples.

3. Granola

  • Love granola? Why not save some cash and eat it fresh by making it yourself?
  • Rather than buying it in the store, you can toss in things like dried fruit, nuts, and oats into your slow cooker with honey and melted butter.
  • You are going to have homemade, delicious granola without a lot of effort.

4. Enchiladas

  • If you love Mexican food, you will be happy to know that you can make enchiladas right in your slow cooker.
  • Make it by layering some corn tortillas that you have filled with meat, cheese and veggies and rolled up in your slow cooker over salsa.
  • Serve them with hot sauce, guacamole, extra salsa or sour cream.

5. Risotto

  • Usually it will take a lot of patience, time and stirring to make a creamy, delicious risotto.
  • But you can throw the ingredients into your slow cooker for two to three hours to give you the same results with a lot less effort.


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