5 things to consider before buying a sofa

December 27, 2014

Good sofa can become your living room pièce de résistance. Look for both the comfort, functionality and elegance when shopping for the perfect couch for your space.

Types of sofas

The type of sofa that is best for you depends on the available space, function and your preferred style.

Standard Sofa: This basic sofa has room for three people or more.

Modular sofa: Amodular sofa unites several pieces to derive a unique shape and offer more seats. These sofas usually have room for five or more people. Therefore, they are more suitable for rooms with more space. They also work well for separating a room.

Loveseat: Designed for two, loveseats are a great choice for cramped corners or if you need a few more seats in the family room. They are an excellent pair of extra furniture with a matching sofa.

Futon: Futons are smaller and lighter than sofas and can be turned into beds. They work great for saving space in small apartments and student rooms.

Sofa bed: Sometimes called Murphy beds, sofa beds serve as a makeshift bed. It is perfect for guests who spend the night if you do not have a separate guest room.

Reclining sofa: These sofas recline for you to sit and relax in comfort, but may take more space than a standard sofa.

Factors to consider when buying a sofa

1.Sturdy frame: Check the frame strength by lifting the front foot about six inches. If the other front leg does not lift a little, the sofa has a less robust framework. A robust framework sofa will last longer.

2.Upholstery fabric: Fabric upholstery affect the appearance, comfort level and the price of a sofa. The leather looks great, is easy to clean and resists odors. The distressed leather is a great choice if you have pets, since it hides scratches. Microfibre is resistant, easy to clean and available in many colours. The Crypton fabric resists stains, moisture and bacteria. Sofa slipcovers can help protect furniture.

3.Coil springs: The springs of a sofa should be reconciled and firm. The springs provide support but can sag over time.

4.Cushions: Fluff foam cushions are durable, feather cushion padding is comfortable, but agglomerates, and fibre cushion stuffing is affordable, but can flatten quickly.

5.Joinery: Sofas should take together using bolts, angle brackets, screws or brackets.

A sofa can enhance or define the decor of a room. Take your time and consider your options to find the one that suits your home and style.

5 things to consider before buying a sofa
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