5 tips for burning calories at home

June 30, 2015

You know that exercise is a fundamental part of managing diabetes, but excuses to avoid huffing and puffing are more plentiful than daffodils in the spring. Try these simple tips for burning calories, without leaving your house.

5 tips for burning calories at home

1. Declutter the treadmill

A treadmill is exercise equipment, but if you treat it like a clothes rack or an extra shelf, you're hardly likely to walk on it – so don't clutter it up in the first place!

  • When your exercise equipment is at the ready for a workout, you have one less excuse standing between you and your health goals.

2. Jump on your bike early

Researchers say that people who get their workouts done early are more likely to stick to their exercise plans because the task is completed before other obligations distract you.

  • There's an added health bonus, too. Exercise produces feel-good brain chemicals called endorphins, which will give you a lift that will last the better part of the day.

3. Move your feet to the beat

Before you jump on your treadmill or stationary bike, turn on some high-energy music.

  • Scientists say exercisers work five to 15 per cent harder when they're listening to upbeat tunes.

4. Give yourself a thrill

Websites for large book retailers sell audio CDs of contemporary thriller novels. Most public libraries have them, too.

  • Pop your purchase into your CD player, raise your right hand and take this oath: "No matter how engaging I find this story to be, I will only listen to this recorded book while I am walking on the treadmill in the family room."
  • You'll find yourself actually looking forward to your workout – it's the only way to find out what happens in the next chapter!

5. Make a date with the vac

Who needs exercise equipment when the vacuum is in the house?

  • Not only will weekly vacuuming help ensure that your feet are protected from debris, but it also burns nearly 240 calories an hour.
  • And your flooring – whether it's carpeting, wood, tile or vinyl – will last longer and look nicer when it's free of abrasive, ground-in dirt.
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