5 tips for choosing durable patio furniture

November 3, 2015

5 key tips for choosing durable outdoor patio furniture

If buying patio furniture, you surely want materials that will last. Read below for five tips in choosing durable patio furniture.

5 tips for choosing durable patio furniture

1. Material considerations

  • How long outdoor furniture lasts will depend upon the type of material. Choose the material for your outdoor furniture with care.
  • Moisture can rot wood, especially softer types like pine, so look for treated varieties naturally capable of resisting the elements. This will also repel the water.
  • Some woods, including hardwoods like teak, are just about impermeable. (Mahogany also keeps its strength and original colour over a long time.)
  • Metal can rust, so choose galvanized versions or a metal such as aluminium, which is lightweight and resists corrosion naturally. Iron is a good choice given its durability.
  • Plastic won't corrode in the rain, but it can change colour in the sun's UV rays. Leave these items in the shade when you are not using them. Plastic can also get weaker over time, although it is cheaper to replace.
  • Rattan is durable, but it can fray over time.

2. It's all in the build

  • Carefully inspect the construction and main frames of any outdoor furniture you consider. Brass or stainless steel screws, for example, won't rust. Pegs or wooden dowels will be better at holding pieces together than staples or glue.

3. Buy pillows and cushions with care

  • Pillows and cushions may be prone to changing colour in sunlight. They are also vulnerable to moisture and mildew, so look for man-made fabrics, like acrylic, and ventilated materials to fend off potential water damage.
  • You can also choose materials which have been treated to prevent the effects of UV rays.

4. Well-maintained furniture lasts longer

  • Even the best garden furniture needs to be looked after properly. For wooden furniture, use sealers, oils and staining products. Low-maintenance metal furniture can be wiped down with a damp cloth. For iron furniture, use an anti-rust solution.
  • Rattan furniture should be stored with rubber stoppers on the legs. Keep the furniture in the shade when you are not using it, and clean it by wiping down with a damp cloth. Don't use a pressure washer or chemical cleaning products.
  • Adding a spray finish to pillows and cushions will stop mildew or damage from UV rays, and you can usually wash the covers in a washing machine.

5. Store it properly

  • Finally, in the cooler months when you are not using your patio furniture, store under a waterproof cover or in a shed or basement.
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