5 tips for entertaining a large crowd in the comfort of your home

Are you getting ready to entertain a large group at home, but concerned about how to pull it off in style? Whether you've got plenty of room or just a cozy corner, these five easy tips will help you accommodate a group so you can focus on enjoying your gathering.

5 tips for entertaining a large crowd in the comfort of your home

1. Expandable seating options

  • Get creative when it comes to having plenty of seats for all your guests. Invest in four to six high-end/designer folding chairs to have on hand in the event of a larger group.
  • Clear away throw pillows from the living room so that couches and love seats can offer plenty of seating, and don't forget that decor items like ottomans, benches and chests can also double as extra seats for your guests.

2. Expandable table space

  • Invest in a kitchen table with an optional expansion leaf that hides away underneath when not in use.
  • When entertaining, simply add the leaf and bring in some of your designer folding chairs to add instant space for two to four more guests.
  • Invest in a folding card table as well that can be used for hors d' oeuvres, overflow dinner seating or a "kids' table," yet easily stored away when not in use.

3. Think vertical

  • When choosing decor items like centrepieces for your party in a space-challenged home, opt for long, tall and thin pieces that add elegance to your table but don't take up too much space.
  • A couple of lily stalks, cattails, or artful dark sticks in a tall, thin vase can add lots of chic drama without getting in the way.

4. Open it up visually

  • Opt for light-coloured table cloths and slipcovers to give even the smallest space the appearance of being open and roomy.
  • Decorate with mirrors and metal accents as well to help enhance a more spacious look and help your guests feel welcome and comfortable.

5. Buffet-style dinners

  • Keep the dining room table clean and clear of clutter by serving dinner buffet-style.
  • Use your kitchen counter or island to hold your hot and cold dishes, and allow guests to serve themselves before convening back at the dinner table.

Keep the stress out of entertaining by using these five tips for hosting a crowd at home.

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