5 tips for hosting a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner for a big gang

January 31, 2015

Hosting a big gang for Thanksgiving is a great way to celebrate the holiday, but always requires a little extra planning and attention to timing. To help make the day a hit and easy on you, here are five tips you can be thankful for!

5 tips for hosting a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner for a big gang

1. Figure out how much to make

Before you get started on your plans, start thinking in advance about how much you're going to make.

  • Think about which dishes are most popular with your family and friends and calculate whether you will need to double or triple your recipes.
  • Make sure you purchase your turkey early so you can get the right size.
  • Usually you can count on one pound of turkey per person. If you have a party of ten or more, you may want to consider getting two turkeys so that they cook in less time.

2. Go buffet style

A buffet is one of the best ways to cater to a large group.

  • Organize your buffet table ahead of time by setting out all of the bowls, trays, serving platters and serving spoons and forks.
  • Before the meal, set out all the food on the buffet table and have your guests help themselves to a plate before they sit down.

3. Make some foods in advance

Your kitchen will be chaotic and your oven will be full, so try to get as much prep work out of the way beforehand as you can.

  • You can make many of the side dishes, such as casseroles, mashed potatoes, vegetables, salads and desserts the day before and heat them up for ten to fifteen minutes before you eat.

4. Set the table the day before

You don't want to run into any issues with seating, so make sure you set the table the day before to ensure there is room for everyone to sit and eat comfortably.

  • Benches are a good way to fit a lot of people at a table, and you can also use a folding table and folding chairs in addition to your dining table if you are in need of extra space.

5. Enjoy yourself

Try not to stress out too much about cooking a big meal. The host sets the mood of the party, so make sure you are feeling good and taking it easy on yourself that day.

  • Your guests will be happy that you have invited them into your home and you should take advantage of the gathering to relax and enjoy your wonderful Thanksgiving meal.
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