5 tips for hosting the best Easter brunch ever

Easter is all about brunch, but not every Easter feast is created equal. Prepare to wow your guests by making your Easter brunch the best ever with these simple tips.

5 tips for hosting the best Easter brunch ever

1. Invite with care

Instead of inviting anyone and everyone to your Easter celebration, spend some quality time with your guestlist.

  • Select a balance of talkative and shy guests, and feel free to mix friends and family.
  • The best guests don't necessarily know one another well, but their personalities and interests can mesh nicely over a meal.

2. Simplify

Simplicity is key when you're trying to serve a satisfying brunch, so don't overdo the drink options.

  • Offer coffee and a maximum of two varieties of mixed drinks to your guests.
  • You can pre-mix mimosas (equal parts orange juice and Champagne) and Bloody Marys (invest in a quality mix and a nice vodka), then serve them in pretty pitchers so your guests get plenty to drink.

3. Embrace the buffet

When you're having Easter guests, it can be tempting to serve multiple courses and overwhelm breakfast with pageantry.

  • Resist the impulse and spring for a fancy buffet instead.
  • Make sure there are dishes that suit a wide variety of palates.
  • By providing sauces and add-ons, you can ensure that each guest gets the portion and type of food they desire, which eliminates the need to run back and forth to the kitchen as you serve individual courses.
  • Try hearty, prepared dishes such as baked French toast, quiche or a bagel bar so you won't have to work in the kitchen once your guests arrive.

4. Spring into action

A brunch where the food is the main—and only—event can be boring.

  • Try strewing tables with trivia questions.
  • Make an impromptu photo booth area with Easter-themed props.
  • Host a friendly Easter egg hunt to spur conversation (and gentle competition) among guests.

5. Provide favours

Don't leave your guests high and dry when they leave your home.

  • Provide thoughtful, spring-themed favours for them to enjoy at home.
  • Try pretty bags filled with flower seeds, candy or cookies.
  • Don't forget to provide disposable take-home ware so your guests can bring leftovers home to enjoy later.
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