5 tips for running in cold weather

January 21, 2015

The cold weather setting in doesn't mean you have to abandon your daily run. It does, however, require additional precautions. Here are the best five tips that will keep you safe and injury-free.

5 tips for running in cold weather

1. Don't forget to stretch

Every runner understands that stretching is a pivotal component of injury prevention, but this rule becomes even more important during colder days.

  • Running when our muscles have yet to loosen and warm up is a recipe for disaster.
  • As a result, double the usual amount of time that you spend stretching on warm days to prepare for a run in colder temperatures.

2. Dress in layers and wear the right clothes

Not only will you want to wear several layers of clothing to help keep warm air close to your body, but you'll also want to make sure that you avoid wear bulky or heavy items.

  • Although it may be cold outside when you start running, keep in mind that you'll be working up a sweat in next to no time.
  • Dressing in multiple thin layers of clothing is far warmer than wearing a single shirt that's heavy and cumbersome.
  • Instead of wearing a t-shirt and athletic shirts, look for clothing made from moisture-wicking materials that will leave your body warm and dry.

3. Don't leave your skin exposed

Because the body loses the majority of its heat through the ears and other areas of exposed skin, it's imperative that you wear a hat and gloves.

  • Many companies are beginning to make specially designed gloves that make it possible to use a touch-screen display of a cell phone without having to expose your fingers to the cold weather.
  • If the temperature drops below freezing, protect yourself from frostbite by rubbing a protective moisturizing cream on your face and neck.

4. Safety precautions

Due to daylight savings, it will get darker later, making it harder for a person to be seen while running.

  • As a result, look for clothing that made from bright colours or that feature a reflective layer.
  • In addition, never run without a cell phone, an identification card and a small amount of cash.

5. Use the buddy system

Running in pairs is always preferable to running alone; however, if you have to go out by yourself, be sure to alert someone of your plans.

  • Information that this person should know includes where you will be running, how long you expect to be gone and what outfit you'll be wearing.

The cold months of fall and winter don't have to throw you off your running plan just be sure to take a few precautions to stay safe and warm.

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