5 tips on how to become a karaoke master

October 13, 2015

Great karaoke performers weren't born that way. It might seem like a great, spur-of-the-moment idea to stand up and sing your favourite song, but to do it well, there are several points to consider long before you get on stage. Follow the tips below to be confident and prepared for your big karaoke performance.

5 tips on how to become a karaoke master

1. Song choice

Start by making a list of songs you like. It's not enough just to like a song, though: you need to choose the right one for your voice. Narrow down your list by considering the following:

  • Gender. One sure-fire way to fall flat during karaoke is to sing a song intended for the opposite sex. The notes are unlikely to be in your range, and the lyrics are often gender-specific. When in the spotlight, you might be too nervous to remember to switch "she" to "he" as you sing, so eliminate songs written for the opposite sex.
  • Range. Choose a song that's well within your vocal range. Sing along with the recording and make sure you can hit all the notes: nothing should be too high or too low. If you struggle even a little, put that song on the back burner for now. You want to feel fully confident for your first time out.
  • Lyrics. It's best to pick a song that you already have memorized. A song that you have been singing in the shower for years is perfect for your first performance. Later, as you gain confidence and experience, you can learn new songs.
  • Popularity. You want the crowd to support you during your performance, so pick a popular party song. Choose an up-tempo number instead of a ballad. It can be an oldie, and a song that people can clap or sing along to is a great idea in case you get stuck.

3. Practice

  • Once you've chosen a few songs that meet the above criteria, you should practice singing them.
  • This doesn't have to be a big deal: just sing it once or twice a day in the car for about a week before your karaoke outing.
  • It's best to sing along with the recording so you are in the right key.
  • If you're really ambitious, purchase an mp3 of the karaoke version and practice with that the second time through each day.

4. Have no more than one drink

  • On your big night, limit yourself to just one alcoholic beverage before your turn at the mic.
  • One drink will help you relax, but more can lead to a sloppy performance.
  • You don't want to trip, drop the mic or lose your place in the lyrics while you're on stage.

5. Belt it out

  • When you're up, sing nice and loud, directly into the mic.
  • Try not to stare at the lyrics on the monitor. Instead, make eye contact with the audience.
  • If you're nervous, choose a friend to sing to.
  • You don't need to dance, but let your body sway in time with the music.
  • Don't forget to smile and have fun!
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