5 tips to help with the first-time karaoke jitters

November 3, 2015

5 tips to help with the first-time karaoke jitters

If you're hesitant about getting in front of the mic on karaoke night, use these tips to get over those first-time jitters.

5 tips to help with the first-time karaoke jitters

1. Strategic song selection

Ideal song selection is key to optimal karaoke enjoyment. Choose songs you already know relatively well and that are in your vocal range (whatever you enjoy singing in your car at the top of your lungs is a viable candidate.) While you may have your "wish list" of two to three songs you'd really like to sing, you can never be sure which songs will be available at the bar. Because of this, you should choose five to 10 songs to practise before your big debut.

2. Practise ahead of time

Practising ahead of time is not cheating; why not give your lead vocalist chops a try in front of the bathroom mirror before you do it in front of a crowd? Become proficient at the more intricate parts of the song as well as the verses and chorus; practise your best lead singer moves and facial expressions so that you'll know ahead of time what the crowd will be seeing.

3. Use online resources

The karaoke music track to just about every popular song is available online, usually complete with scrolling lyrics, just like the real karaoke experience. While singing along to the original recording is fine, using these online resources removes the "crutch" of the vocal track so that you can experience karaoke before you get in front of a crowd.

4. Warm up

The pros do it, so why shouldn't you? Warm up those pipes before you go on stage. You can either excuse yourself and go out to your car for a few minutes, or warm up by casually singing along with the karaoke singers that precede you.

5. Liquid courage

Hey, you'll be at a bar anyway; a drink or two can be just what you need to help you relax and have a great time up there.

Try karaoke once, and you'll likely be hooked. Use these five tips to shake those jitters and experience the exhilaration of performing your favourite songs onstage.

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