5 tips to help you save big on hotel accommodations

December 9, 2014

Want a luxurious vacation at a price you can afford? Here are five tips to help you save big on hotel accommodations that go beyond asking friends and family for recommendations.

5 tips to help you save big on hotel accommodations

Asking for advice from family and friends can go far in saving you money on a hotel, without sacrificing the quality, service and amenities you expect. But is it the only way? Here are some more tips to help you save more.

1. Use comparison websites

There are a handful of well-known websites that do a good job to ensure you get the best price for hotel accommodations. These websites can alleviate the headache of painstakingly doing research one site at a time, then trying to compare the details. That's because they put pricing for several hotels side by side all on one page.

  • A quick online search will give you the names of reliable travel websites to use.
  • The other advantage of using comparison travel websites is you'll be able to read reviews about accommodations before booking, which is worth the few extra minutes to see what other travellers' experienced at hotels, motels, hostels or wherever.

2. Go the independent route

Major hotel chains are in the business of making a profit any which way.

  • If you want to save money on your hotel stays, you can often get a great deal with lesser-known, privately-owned hotels that are not necessarily in the centre of the action.
  • Again, word of mouth or an Internet search will help you discover these little gems.

3. Travel during off-season

More often than not, hotels increase their prices substantially during weekends and holidays.

  • If you’re looking for cheaper hotel accommodations, consider travelling and staying at a hotel off-season or in the middle of the work week.

Hotel prices are driven by the basic laws of supply and demand.

  • During the week, there is typically more supply than demand, driving the price of the rooms down.
  • Often, if you wait until the last minute and there are still vacancies, prices are reduced even more.

4. Look for corporate discounts

Many companies offer their employees discounts when travelling. This can actually add up to a 40 per cent savings in some cases, so ask your employer before travelling.

  • Members of associations such as the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) also enjoy discount offerings with their memberships.
  • You can even ask family or friends if they know someone who works in the hotel industry to see if you can score a special rate.

5. Take advantage of loyalty reward programs

Rewards and loyalty programs are a mainstay for almost all hotels.

  • While some programs are better than others, for the most part they all offer some sort of discount for booking your next getaway with them.
  • If you don’t have a reward membership, consider booking a hotel that you’ve already stayed at, and let the booking agent or manager know you're a regular.

As with all things, proper research and preparation can help you save big on your next trip.

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