5 tips to pick delicious blueberries this season

November 3, 2015

Picking blueberries is a great way to spend time outside with family and friends while gathering fresh produce. Follow these simple tips and you’ll get the best berries, stay safe, and have fun while you're at it.

5 tips to pick delicious blueberries this season

1. Pick blue-grey berries

The best blueberries are a dark blue-grey colour.

  • Take care not to pick berries with red tinges as these won’t yet be ripe.
  • If you do happen to pick blueberries that are still a bit reddish, be sure to leave them out at room temperature. This will encourage the berries to ripen up so you can enjoy them later on.

2. Use both hands

  • To pick blueberries effectively, use one hand to gently tug or rub them off a bush and into your berry basket.
  • Use your other hand to hold and guide the pail to catch the blueberries.

You’ll find that just plucking them off the bush individually will take you far too long.

3. Size does not matter

When it comes to picking blueberries, bigger berries are not necessarily better. Colour is the best indicator of quality and flavour, so be sure to pay attention to this factor instead of size. Some of the most delicious berries you pick may in fact be the smallest.

4. Dress for the weather

Since blueberries grow in the summer, it's important to dress for sun and warm temperatures.

  • Bring something to shade your face from the sun
  • Drink lots of water
  • Be sure to apply sunscreen

Picking blueberries is a physical activity, and it's easy to overheat while you're doing it.

5. Be prepared to kneel

Finding the best blueberries will require you to get low on the ground on your knees.

  • It’s a good idea to wear long, light pants to the orchard to ensure that you don't get your knees dirty or sore.
  • You can also bring an old towel or blanket to kneel on in order to pad or protect your knees while you pick.
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