4 top motorcycle routes in Canada

November 3, 2015

Four top motorcycle routes in Canada

Riding a motorcycle is an adventure just about anywhere, but there are undoubtedly rides that are better than others. These top four Canadian routes are the absolute best for motorcycle riders who want to enjoy the trip just as much as the destination.

4 top motorcycle routes in Canada

1. Cabot Trail

Located entirely on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, the Cabot Trail is a must for any biker. One section of the Trans-Canadian Highway can make this route a full 292-km loop. Being on an island, you're hardly ever out of full view of the ocean, but the fact that the roadway was carved into the surrounding mountains means beautiful water isn't the only sight to take in.

There are enough roadside amenities to keep you happy, and the Keltic Lodge is one of the best. The Celtic history on the island is strong; check out the Celtic Colours International Festival if the date coincides with your trip.

2. Westport Loop

The Westport Loop starts out in Kingston, Ontario. Hit Route 10 and head north until you reach Route 42; take a left on Route 42. Follow Route 42 to Route 12, which you can follow until it turns into Westport Road, also known as Route 8, and ends in Godfrey. Take a left onto Route 38 when Route 8 ends, and this road will lead you back to Kingston.

This 58-km loop has it all. After first getting onto Route 42, there are several amazing restaurants and even a gas station where it seems motorcycles naturally gather. There are numerous wildlife stops along the way, making the Westport Loop ideal for those who like the woods and back roads.

3. Creston to Kootenay Bay

Route 3A and Highway 3 meet in Creston, British Columbia. From here, just head north until you reach Kootenay Bay. The road is a 78-km, winding one, but it's a beautiful route that ends with a ferry ride across Kootenay Lake over to Balfour.

The entirety of this route is along the lake, so your western flank will have either beautiful shoreline or beautiful evergreens at any given point. It's mostly smaller communities along the way, so get what you need when you can.

4. Canadian Rockies on the Trans-Canada Highway

From Banff in Alberta, take the Trans-Canada Highway west. You'll hit AB-93 and be on your way north through the Rocky Mountains. Enjoy the absolute beauty of these rocky slopes, but don't get too full of wonderment; Jasper National Park is your final destination.

You can see gorgeous summits such as Mount Temple and Bulwark Peak. Keep in mind that there aren't too many places along the way for amenities, so you'll need to fill your tank every chance you get. There's a stretch of around 150 km after the Saskatchewan River Crossing with no gas stations before getting to Jasper.

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