5 top places around Canada to sail

October 13, 2015

If you've saved up enough for a sailboat, you owe it to yourself to explore as much of Canada as you can. If you're up for an outing, take a cross-country trip to these five Canadian waterways.

5 top places around Canada to sail


This town is situated in Southern Ontario where Lake Ontario and Niagara River meet. When you're ready to spend some time on land, you can check out historical sites like Fort Mississauga and Fort George, but the utter beauty of the blue skies and tree-lined banks may keep you on your boat the entire time.

Lake of the Woods

Lake of the Woods, located in Kenora, Ontario, has numerous anchorage locations, and it's connected to Rainy River, Kakagi Lake, Shoal Lake and even Lake Winnipeg. The lake is more than 70 miles wide and long, so there will be no issue with crowding. Add this to the more than 14,500 islands around the lake and you've got a sailing trip that's not to be missed.

Halifax Harbour

Halifax Harbour -- located in Nova Scotia -- opens you to the entirety of the Atlantic, but with all that this waterway has going for it, why would you want to hit the wide open waters? This harbour is considered one of the safest in all of North America; you can take in beautiful isles like Georges Island and Sambro Island. Plus, if you dock at Bishop's Landing, you'll be within walking distance of historic sites and pubs that really have the feeling of old Ireland.

Victoria Harbour

Located in British Columbia, Victoria Harbour sees over 3,000 non-commercial boats roll through every year during the summer months. All manner of water crafts make their way through here, including seaplanes. The Swiftsure Yacht Race, Victoria Tall Ships Festival, Symphony Splash and Vic-Maui Yacht Race are all held here. If you're planning on an extended stay, you might be able to dock at Fisherman's Wharf, but there are numerous anchorage points all around the harbour.


Located on Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown's waterfront plays host to everything from small boats to cruise liners. When it comes to common users, Charlottetown is the busiest marine terminal in all of Prince Edward Island. The Charlottetown Harbour offers access to Nova Scotia and the Canadian mainland; the water and scenery are something to be coveted. When ashore, you can enjoy the Confederation Centre of the Arts, Province House and nine other National Historic Sites of Canada.

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