5 ways dads can celebrate their wives on Mother's Day

November 26, 2014

It's that time of the year when you have the perfect excuse to show your love and affection to the mother of your kids. Here are some ideas for treating your wife this Mother's Day.

5 ways dads can celebrate their wives on Mother's Day

Spa time

What better way to pamper your wife than to treat her to a spa visit?

Being a mom can be a stressful job, so give her some time off at the spa while you take care of the kids. She'll have the chance to relax, and she'll love you for it.

Treat her to a culinary experience

There's something about good food that really gets to a mother.

  • You can cook a romantic one-on-one dinner yourself, get the kids involved and plan a breakfast-in-bed surprise, or splurge on an excellent restaurant you've both been wanting to try. Any of these ideas are sure to make her day.

Leave her be

Sometimes the best way to pamper your wife is to let her do whatever she wants to do while you take over parenting duties.

  • If she wants to sleep the day away, allow her some space.
  • If she wants to catch up with friends for a girls' day out, rally her best friends' husbands and get them to babysit, too.

Get artsy

If you've never set foot anywhere near a crafts store, now's your chance to go exploring. Get your kids in on the fun and create crafts that your wife will surely appreciate.

  • Photo collages of memorable family events, handmade Mother's Day cards, or personalized vases or trinkets are some great projects to work on with the kids.

Get her that gift

She's been dropping hints on something extravagant. You know, the one she subtly refers to in conversation. You may have been nonchalantly ignoring her all this time, but if there's ever a good time to purchase it, it's this Mother's Day.

  • Aside from buying her the gift that she loves, you're showing her that you listen to her.

You've probably known it all along: you're lucky to have this woman in your life. This Mother's Day is the perfect time to show her.

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