5 wise ways to clean woodwork

July 28, 2015

Woodwork usually needs cleaning more often than walls as the edging around doors and windows most often comes into contact with dirty hands. Here’s how:

5 wise ways to clean woodwork

1. Vacuum regularly

For routine cleaning, vacuum baseboards, chair rails, wainscoting and the framework around doors and windows with the small brush attachment. Dust the top surfaces with a microfibre cloth.

2. Wash woodwork

Use a solution of a little dishwashing liquid in warm water. Apply with a wrung-out sponge or rag and rinse with plain water. Restore the gloss on painted of urethane surfaces by rubbing with a cloth with a tiny amount of furniture polish on it.

3. Clean heavily soiled areas

Apply a little undiluted dishwashing liquid directly to the sponge or cloth. Rub the dirty area of woodwork and rinse with plain water.

4. Prepare surface to paint

Wash woodwork with a solution of soap and water, following the paint manufacturer's instructions. Wear rubber gloves and rinse afterwards.

5. Clean finished woodwork

For varnish or shellac finished woodwork, use a solvent-based (not water-based) wood cleaner that is both a cleaner and a wax in a single product available from home improvement and hardware stores. Apply with a cloth and then buff.

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