5 ways to cultivate a more spiritual life

Spirituality is a difficult word to define, but one thing's for sure: by paying closer attention to your heart and mind you can live a happier, more fulfilling life. We'll give you some spiritual tips that can help, no matter what religious beliefs you hold.

5 ways to cultivate a more spiritual life

1. Find a spiritual advisor

  • This could be a pastor, rabbi, yoga instructor, professor, close friend, or even someone from your religious group who's grappling with the same questions you are.
  • The two of you should meet weekly for an hour to talk about your week and address larger questions about the meaning of various events.
  • Spiritual growth is achieved more easily through shared experience and discussion than in isolation.

2. Take up music or art

Both music and art enable you to express yourself beyond the literal, letting you reflect a sense of something larger than yourself in your work. Not only that, but these new skills have the added benefits of keeping your memory sharp and your mind clear.

3. Devote time to the spiritual

Whether it's going to a church, meditating, taking a nature walk, reading a spiritual guide, or saying a nightly prayer, spending regular time cultivating your sense of the greater good is rewarding for your mind, heart, and overall health.

4. Pray or meditate

Prayer can happen anywhere, anytime and shouldn't be reserved for times of need. One way to think about prayer if you're not religious is as a quiet conversation with the deepest part of yourself. Conversely, meditation is a completely secular practice that can increase your attention, focus, emotional regulation, and sense of well being.

5. Track your spiritual development

Answer the following true-or-false questions to assess your current level of spirituality. Be honest: no one but you will know your answers. Try to remember that there are no right or wrong answers, though "true" responses generally reflect a greater level of spirituality than "false" ones. Retake the quiz every six months to see if your spiritual attitudes are evolving.

  • I believe in the existence of a higher power.
  • I often experience a heartfelt connection to nature.
  • During spiritual moments, such as when praying or meditating, I often feel a joy beyond ordinary happiness.
  • I believe that things happen that have no rational, scientific explanation.
  • My religion or spirituality is the main source of moral guidelines in my life.
  • Overall, I'm at peace with the world around me.
  • Sometimes I ask for the help of a higher spiritual power.
  • I genuinely feel thankful for all that I have.
  • It is important to me to help others.
  • I accept others even when they do things I think are wrong.
  • I take time out at least once a week to focus on my spiritual or religious needs.
  • I belong to a spiritual community or organization.

Spirituality can be profoundly transformative. By becoming more spiritual (even if you're not religious), you can enjoy the benefits of a more contemplative and compassionate life.

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