5 easy ways to quickly save cash for a last-minute vacation

November 6, 2014

Last-minute getaways are good for the soul, but not always good for the wallet. Thankfully, you have money than you think. Use these tips to quickly set aside cash for that much-needed, spur-of-the-moment trip.

5 easy ways to quickly save cash for a last-minute vacation

1. Cut down on eating out

According to The Globe and Mail, the average Canadian spends about $184 each month eating away from home. Bearing this in mind, make a note to cook at home for the next month and use the money saved for a last-minute vacation instead.

It could cover part of an airline ticket, your gas expenses, or be stretched to pay for all the restaurant meals you'll enjoy on your trip.

2. Don't shop for a week

Most people know exactly what's in their pantry, and often, it's enough to get by for at least a week. Yet for some reason, people still go to the grocery store.

Try nixing this shopping habit and concoct meals from what's in those boxes and cans instead. Websites and mobile apps that help you combine leftovers into a new recipe are easy to find. You can save a nice little chunk of change for your fast-travel fund this way.

3. Credit card rewards

Are you using a credit card with rewards? You can rack up points toward hotel discounts, gift certificates to restaurants, rental car deals, and even tickets from your favourite airlines.

4. Online yard sales

One of the quickest ways to make quick cash for a vacation is to sell something on auction websites. With auctions lasting as short as one day, it can be a very expedient way to earn money.

Of course, a real yard sale can go a long way as well, if the season is right.

5. Clean out that closet

Everyone has clothes they don't wear. Unfortunately, selling clothes online can prove problematic. They're heavy, so shipping costs can be high and drive down your profits.

Fortunately, there are a ton of consignment shops that will gladly take gently-used clothes off a person's hands. Once these clothes sell, you'll have money in hand.

With all of the options available, there's little reason why a person should not be able to enjoy a decent vacation at the last minute.

Whether it's a road trip across the province or an adventure out of the country, these easy money-saving methods can ensure a person has a little extra cash to make a trip memorable.

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