5 ways to use ADHD to your advantage

October 13, 2015

A diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) is often seen as something negative, but every perceived negative trait has a positive flip-side. Here are 5 ways in which you can view ADHD as an asset.

5 ways to use ADHD to your advantage

1. Creativity

People with ADHD often exhibit a remarkable degree of creative talents that are usually underdeveloped at the time of diagnosis. With the right encouragement and support, people with ADHD can carve out successful careers as writers, journalists, artists, musicians and in many other occupations where creativity is a valued quality.

2. Quick learner

While it may seem that the primary characteristic of ADHD is a lack of focus, individuals with the disorder frequently have the ability to engage in hyper-focus when they're interested in something, allowing them to absorb information much more quickly than others. This means that people with ADHD can often focus for hours on hobbies or projects, as long as it is a topic that interests them.

3. An entrepreneurial mindset

Some of the most high-profile and commercially successful entrepreneurs in recent decades have ADHD. Rather than being hampered by this diagnosis, these high-fliers have shown that their ADHD-related traits – such as creativity, persistence, multitasking, enthusiasm and risk taking – can be huge assets in the right environment.

4. Multitasking

Because of the need for constant mental stimulation and novelty, people with ADHD often find that multitasking comes naturally as they are able to switch between tasks constantly throughout the work day, even with multiple projects on the go. During times of crisis or emergencies, people with ADHD are sometimes the calmest individuals to be with as they thrive on stimulation and adrenaline.

5. A willingness to take risks

Those with ADHD can often spot opportunities that others don't see, and sometimes they will act on these because of their impulsive nature. Risk-taking behaviour can certainly have its downside, but in a business context, a willingness to take a chance on something bold and innovative can at times lead to groundbreaking success.

Rather than focusing on the challenges, it's high time that we shine a spotlight on the ways in which ADHD can offer advantages in the workplace.

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