6 criteria to help you choose self-storage

December 21, 2014

Whatever your reason for needing to store some or all of your belongings or commercial goods, you won’t need to ask family or friends to help you out anymore. Different types of self-storage are increasingly popular and will satisfy just about all your needs in the short or long term.

1. Space requirements

A variety of different sized units are available. Whether you need to store a favourite collection, documents, furniture from an apartment or house, boat, car or commercial supplies, you can choose the exact square footage you need. The idea is to use every spot of floor space and stack your things to the ceiling. That makes it possible to get great value out of your lease.

2. Accessibility and safety

Companies specializing in different types of self-storage offer increasingly personalized services, some of them with access 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Some facilities have on-site security backed up by video surveillance and fencing. Access to self-storage compounds or warehouses may also be controlled by magnetic key cards.

3. Indoors or outdoors

Often located on major roads, the different types of self-storage are extremely easy to access with your car so that you can drop off your belongings directly. Some units can be entered through an interior hallway while others are accessible from the outside and have an overhead sliding door, like a garage door. Outdoor spaces are also available for large recreational vehicles or boats.

4. Heated or unheated units?

Temperature changes can lead to condensation and moisture, which may cause damage to your stored property. If you decide to store your items in the medium to long term, it’s highly advisable to choose a heated unit in order to prevent mould, rust, peeling of paint or varnish, as well as the musty smell that can permeate fabrics or documents.

5. Prohibited products

Some products can’t be stored because of the dangers they pose to the safety of people or buildings. It’s important to find out what these are in each facility you’re looking at.

6. Do you have good insurance?

It’s also important to check if your home or business insurance covers property stored somewhere elsewhere. If that’s not the case, the majority of self-storage companies offer insurance for your belongings.

Get organized

Organization is key if you want to be able to retrieve certain items later on. And don’t forget to identify the contents of all the boxes. Companies specializing in different types of self-storage usually offer a variety of packaging products to simplify your life, so be sure to ask if you need anything.

6 criteria to help you choose self-storage
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