6 delicious Indian breads for your next curry

November 28, 2014

Whether you need a carb to accompany a curry recipe or you want to try something new at your favourite Indian restaurant, Indian cuisine boasts a bread option for every dish you could imagine. What Indian bread is perfect for your next meal? Let's take a look.

6 delicious Indian breads for your next curry

1. Naan

It's a classic for a reason.

  • This delicious tandoor oven–baked wheat flatbread is leavened with yeast and goes with just about any curry.
  • It's served hot with ghee or butter brushed on top, and can be used to dip or scoop food.
  • Styles differ in each region, but naan bread can be prepared with garlic, raisins, Indian spices like cumin, and more.

2. Chapati

Chapati is an unleavened flatbread.

  • It's prepared with firm dough made from atta — a type of wheat flour that's ground more finely than in Western-style breads.
  • Chapati is not baked, but rather cooked on both sides on a tava, which is a flat skillet.
  • In some regions, chapati is lightly cooked on the tava, then placed directly on an open flame to finish it off.

3. Dosa

This fermented crepe-like pancake is made from rice batter and black lentils.

  • It's popular in breakfasts and street foods.
  • Dosa is gluten-free due to its rice base, and also has high nutritional value, with plenty of vitamins B and C.
  • This style of Indian bread is cooked on a tava, like chapati.

4. Paratha

The word literally translates to "layers of cooked dough."

  • This layered wheat bread is cooked on a tava and often stuffed with vegetables, spices, potatoes or cottage cheese.
  • Stuffed paratha is often eaten as a meal unto itself, with just a little butter or ghee, topped with chutney, Indian pickles or yogurt.

5. Papadum

This Indian bread is thin and crunchy.

  • The dough is made of black gram, a small black bean.
  • Papadum is often fried in oil to make it crisp, making it perfect for dipping in curries or chutneys as an appetizer, or to eat alone like a potato chip.

6. Roti

Roti is an unleavened bread made from whole flour.

  • In popular culture, roti is often used to wrap curries or other Indian dishes to create a portable fast food, similar to a burrito.

Other Indian breads

The list of popular Indian breads goes on, from pathiri pancakes and deep-fried luchi to steamed idli and khakhra chips.

Be sure to try a wide variety and experience the incredible culinary wealth of India.


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