6 everyday items you can use in your garden

With plants, tools and other accessories, growing a garden can become an expensive endeavour. However, you can save money and give new life to old stuff by using these six everyday items in your garden.

6 everyday items you can use in your garden

1. Reuse egg cartons

  • To save on potting soil, you can put recycled paper egg cartons in the bottoms of planting containers
  • They retain moisture at the roots, which saves watering time
  • Soak the cartons overnight and break them up into chunks before adding soil to the pots

2. Repurpose frying pans

  • When your frying pans get old, reuse them as saucers for your flowerpots
  • The handles make it very convenient to move flowerpots around your yard

3. Give windows a new life

  • If you grow many plants from seed, you'll want to make a cold frame for the tender seedlings
  • You can make these from old windows, wherever you can find them, perhaps donated from friends remodelling their homes
  • Then you can start seeds early with guaranteed success

4. Make trash cans work for you

  • Every spring, you can set out plastic trash cans to gather rainwater
  • Keep watering cans handy so you can dip and go as needed
  • Once a month, mix in plant food
  • Using rainwater reduces the water bill and decreases wear on the water pump — plus there's no heavy hose to drag around

5. Make tape your plants' friend

  • When it's time to tie tomato plants to stakes, head into the garden with a roll of surveyor's plastic flagging tape
  • It is very inexpensive, and it comes in bright colours like pink, orange, blue and green
  • You can tear the plastic tape just by pulling on it — no tools are required. Plus, it won't damage the stalks when it is wrapped around them
  • Don't forget to include a roll of this handy tape in gift baskets for gardening friends

6. Buff up with needles

  • To make your decorative mulch go further, you can rake up fallen pine needles and spread them around the plants
  • Then cover the free pine needles with your purchased mulch
  • With the pine needles below, you don't need as thick a layer of mulch

With a little creativity you can save some money as well as saving some everyday items from the landfill. Your garden and your gardening budget will thank you!

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