6 fall skincare tips and products to try

September 30, 2021

Changing seasons and unpredictable weather patterns can wreak havoc on your skin. Cooler temperatures and less humid air can leave your complexion looking dull and dehydrated. Protect your dry, sensitive skin from the elements by introducing seasonally appropriate skin care products and practices into your daily routine. These fall skincare tips and trends will keep your skin looking glowing and radiant this season.

6 fall skincare tips and products to try

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1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate
The air is cooler and dryer in the cold-weather months, and your skin produces less natural oil. This means hydration is more important than ever to repair dry, flaky skin. A good moisturizer is your skin’s best line of defence against the elements and should be the number one must-have on your list of fall skincare products. Look for cream-based moisturizers with Vitamin B3 (which helps your skin lock in moisture) and rich, hydrating ingredients like ceramides and other fatty acids.

2. Practice the art of jade rolling
One of the hottest fall skincare trends is actually ice-cold. Jade rolling is a self-massage technique that has been practiced in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. Apply light pressure while rolling this chilled crystal-based beauty tool along your forehead, cheeks, and chin. This relaxing at-home treatment will stimulate circulation, improve lymphatic drainage, calm sensitive skin, and reduce puffiness.


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3. Cleanse and exfoliate with care
Your skin is more prone to inflammation and irritation in the fall, so steer clear of clarifying cleansers and alcohol-based toners with harsh ingredients like salicylic acid that will strip your skin of its natural oils. Instead, use a gentle cream cleanser or coconut oil face wash to add moisture back into your skin while cleansing. If you want to slough away rough flaky patches, try a homemade all-natural toner or a non-abrasive exfoliator.

4. Pay special attention to your eyes
The skin under your eyes and on your eyelids is extremely thin and delicate, making it even more susceptible to the harsh fall weather. Dry and dehydrated skin around your eyes can also make fine lines and wrinkles look more obvious. When shopping for fall skincare products, be sure to add an anti-aging eye cream to your cart that you can use both morning and night.

5. Transition your makeup collection
As the weather starts to turn, make moisture a priority for your makeup bag. If you’re shopping for fall skincare products, choose a hydrating liquid foundation to disguise dry red patches. Swap your powdered blush and eyeshadow for cream-based alternatives. Pick up a moisturizing lip balm instead of matte lipstick, which can accentuate dry chapped lips.

6. Book a facial
Incorporating regular facials into your fall skincare routine will keep your skin looking fresh, plump, and luminous throughout the season. A trained esthetician can administer customized facial treatments using professional-grade products and techniques tailored to your skincare concerns. High-tech oxygen facials deliver pressurized oxygen to the surface of the skin to promote collagen production, making them a great option for all skin types. Fall is also an ideal time to consider advanced treatments like IPL (intense pulsed light) or a chemical peel since you won’t be exposing your skin to harsh UV rays during the recovery period.

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