6 hotel amenities for an awesome stay

December 9, 2014

Special hotel services and facilities are meant to make your visit memorable. The next time you travel, take advantage of these six hotel amenities that can make an average stay awesome.

Amenities usually refer to premium service offerings over and above room accommodations themselves. For example, along with basic linens, some hotels offer extra sets of sheets, pillows or throws for added comfort. But that's only the beginning...

6 hotel amenities for an awesome stay

1. Entertainment options

For those that enjoy nights in the room instead of hitting the town, most hotels offer a plethora of current movie choices and other entertainment options, like video game consoles for the kids.

2. Superior room service

Room service and hotel dining are two of the most important amenities that patrons consider when booking their stay.

Having good dining options, including room service, is often the determining factor when booking. What's more, features such as buffet breakfasts are must-haves on many people’s lists.

3. Fun children's activities

If travelling with children and looking for ways to keep them entertained, consider calling ahead and asking the hotel if they offer toys and games to keep the kids busy.

Many hotels will happily oblige and provide you with these items once you arrive. Just make sure to let your children know they should not lose or break any of the toys because this might result in an extra charge on your bill.

4. Relaxing spa services

If travelling on business, a great way to relax after a long day of seminars is by hitting the hotel spa or ordering a massage in the comfort of your suite.

Services may also include a pedicure and manicure, specialized face wraps, and yoga with a hotel-approved instructor. This can mean a world of difference in the way you feel. A little pampering goes a long way.

5. Modern exercise facilities

Another common amenity people often look for is a gym and/or pool facility. These days, travellers do not want interruptions in their exercise routines and look for hotels that have good, clean facilities to facilitate their workout needs.

Some hotels have gone as far as to offer instructor-led fitness classes that cater to more discerning, fitness-minded guests.

6. Other unusual perks

An extra touch not seen at many hotels is a BBQ patio. For those who love to cook, even when on holidays, hitting the grocery store and grilling your own meal is a rare treat, especially if you wish to host some travel companions.

The list of amenities offered at hotels can vary greatly. For a list of all hotel amenities, please take a look at your preferred hotel’s website, or call to ask them what the hotel has to offer before booking your stay.

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