6 office hacks that can make you more productive

November 3, 2015

Yes, getting things done at work can sometimes be difficult. Here are some simple tricks you can use in the office that will help boost your productivity.

6 office hacks that can make you more productive

1. Binder clips for cords

  • With so much technology in use, today's desks need tons of cords and plugs.
  • Keep all of these cords straight and untangled at your desk by using binder clips.
  • Simply attach a binder clip to the side of your desk and slip the top of a cord through it. Repeat with all of your cords.
  • These will keep cords handy for when you need them, and organized when you don't.

2. Get a white board

  • People like to keep paper or digital lists when they're keeping track of things to do, but one of the best methods for productivity is to use a white dry-erase board.
  • Keep your to-do list on the board and erase tasks as you finish them.
  • Watching your list disappear will be motivation to keep going.
  • Keep the list somewhere you can see it to ensure that you never forget anything.

3. Use two monitors

  • Using two monitors allows you to see more things on your computer at once.
  • They can be helpful for comparing notes, referencing multiple documents or keeping open multiple windows.

4. Use productivity extensions

  • Most browsers have extensions that block you from accessing social media during certain times.
  • To avoid wasting the day away on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr, install one of these programs on your work computer.
  • Configure it to keep you from checking social media while you're supposed to be working. This can help keep your productivity levels as high as possible.

5. Use a pegboard

  • Install a pegboard and pegs in your office to hang all of your office supplies on the wall, rather than storing them in a drawer.
  • A pegboard with office supplies is a cool decor addition. It also lets you quickly grab anything you need.
  • Scissors, tape and stamps can all be easily hung on your pegboard.

6. Clean your keyboard with sticky notes

  • Use the sticky side of sticky notes to clean your keyboard and the space between your keys.
  • This will keep the keys operating smoothly  and help you type as quickly as ever.
  • The sticky note adhesive will pick up any dust or crumbs without leaving a sticky residue behind.

Even small changes to your work environment can help you stay organized and get more work done. Plus, a clean desk is always appreciated by your coworkers and superiors.

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