6 reasons why ecological roofing is a great way to go green

Ecological roofing is an excellent money-saving idea. Here are six reasons to top off your home the green way.

6 reasons why ecological roofing is a great way to go green

The idea

Ecological roofing is a new concept and plays a similar role as the traditional roof. However, installing a green roof is unique and does require expertise. The type of green roof to be installed depends on:

  • Where you live and the surrounding climate.
  • Type of building you live in.
  • The design you want.


Regardless of the type of roof you select, the long-term reasons why ecological roofing is a great way to go green are the same.

1. Because ecological roofing materials retain water, a portion of this water will return to the atmosphere via evaporation.
2. Any storm water that does leave the roof is also reduced in quantity.
3. Water runoff is also much cleaner and friendlier to the environment, compared to conventional roofing.
4. Decreased runoff of water eases stress on drains and sewers, and reduces the potential for damage. The overall cost savings can be significant. Green roofs are also energy efficient because they reduce the heat fluctuations via the roof—thus making the internal temperature steady all the time.
5. Usually less energy is needed to cool or heat the home, leading to more savings.
6. Green roofs are waterproof, which protects the home from the damaging effects of the sun's UV rays.

Heat conservation

More importantly, ecological roofs also provide more effective internal insulation from solar heat.

  • During the cold winter months, green roofs can lower heat loss because of the added insulation. By using less heating, this translates into lower greenhouse gas emissions in the environment.

Green roofs are a lot cheaper to maintain than conventional roofs. They also last a lot longer.

  • Since less re-roofing is required, this means more money saved over time.

The negatives

  • A negative aspect of ecological roofing is that the initial cost of installation is high. However, over the lifespan of the roof, you can enjoy significant savings.

A versatile solution

Green roofs can be installed in not only residential homes, but in all types of commercial buildings.

  • In large buildings, the green roof can also provide extra space—perfect for almost any type of social or recreational activity, and even urban agriculture.
  • By growing vegetables and herbs, you can ensure food security through rooftop gardening.

Green or ecological roofing has many advantages. The only way to know if this is the right type of roof for your home is to speak to a professional roofer. To encourage installation of green roofs, the government also provides grants, which you should feel free to investigate.

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