6 rules for finding inexpensive and fabulous accessories

December 29, 2014

Everybody loves the look of mixing high- and low-end pieces. Here we will introduce you to the art of finding gorgeous fashion accessories on a tiny budget.

Rule # 1: No one will suspect a thing

  • Search the web and browse flyers for accessories and jewelry perfect for your next night out.
  • Use your phone to take pictures of all the accessories that you fall in love with, and keep these on hand. When you come across something that resembles your prized pendant, in a discount store, jump on it!

Rule #2: Score online discounts

Many shops have at least one or two display sections with ultra-trendy scarves, jewelry, belts and watches. Visit their website to check for promotions or upcoming sale events.

Rule #3: Browse sidewalk sales and end of season clearance

  • Rather than giving in to a moment of temptation, you can locate great values by getting in the habit of shopping for off-season accessories.
  • Go for understated accessories since classics never go out of style. Take advantage of clearance sales and purchase a couple of belts, dressy day-look jewelry, or maybe something to put aside as a gift for a loved one.

Rule #4: Look out for free accessories

Peruse shops displaying "second item at half price or your third item free" promotions. Take this opportunity to splurge on a more expensive gem — because it will still cost you less.

Rule #5: Pay attention to craft stores and shopping mall kiosks

  • Throughout the year, especially near Valentine's Day or Christmas, vendors set up kiosks in shopping centres. They often sell really unique and original accessories that are designed by hand and extremely affordable.
  • A little bit off the beaten track, you can find exotic materials such as scrimshaw, etchings or tribal designs. These make unique statement accessories you can wear with more than one outfit.

Rule #6: Visit flea markets

  • If you’re a strong negotiator (hey, you never know until you try), try your luck at a flea market. Don’t be fooled: flea markets aren’t just for second-hand goods — you can find beautiful antiques and hand-crafted items.
  • Small businesses also rent commercial lots at flea markets to sell discounted accessories and the occasional hidden treasure. The best advice is to have a clear idea of what you’re looking for before you set out, and you’ll see with time that your negotiation skills will only improve.
6 rules for finding inexpensive and fabulous accessories
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