6 things you should do before renovating your kitchen

June 24, 2014

Renovating your kitchen is a good way to inject new life and add value to your house. Before starting, here's what you should consider.

6 things you should do before renovating your kitchen

When a brand new home is not in the budget, consider upgrading the home you have. With proper planning, a kitchen remodel can take your home from bland to brilliant in no time flat. First things first, what type of kitchen fits your lifestyle? Draw inspiration from different resources such as blogs, magazines, showrooms and pictures. Having a clear image of what you want your new kitchen to look like will be helpful once you begin shopping and hiring professionals.

Planning and preparation is key. Whether you want a full renovation—tear everything out to create a new kitchen—or a remodel, you will need to choose which items to replace and upgrade within the current space. A scrapbook or folder with colour swatches, photos you have collected and specific remodel ideas will make the job easier for everyone. Once you choose your colour scheme and style, think about replacing your appliances. You'll be surprised how replacing your traditional white appliances with modern chrome, stainless steel or a new colour can make your kitchen dazzle.

Hire professionals to complete the job. Have you always wanted more shelving space for Grandma’s homemade marmalade? A woodsman can create new shelves or cabinets in any style, colour or wood type. From Eggplant to Firework Red, professional painters can paint your new accent wall. Contractors can do jobs like adding new tile, hardwood floors and granite counters to turn your kitchen into a home chef's haven. Even with a few minor improvements, you can have your old home feeling brand new.

Remodeling tips

  1. Make a plan. Keep a scrapbook or folder with photos, colour samples and ideas.
  2. Hire professionals for big projects. Check their references.
  3. Be involved in every aspect of the remodel or renovation. From the colour on the walls to light fixtures, make sure you are happy with even the smallest detail.
  4. Upgrade your appliances! Adding a new refrigerator, stove and dishwasher will be a welcome addition your brand new kitchen.
  5. Be sure to get estimates from your contractors.
  6. Enjoy the process—once the job is done, you will have a new kitchen!
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