6 things you should rent to make moving day less stressful

November 26, 2014

When it comes to moving day, anything to make it easier is welcome – besides a moving truck. Here are six things you should rent to make moving day less stressful for you and your family.

6 things you should rent to make moving day less stressful

Renting additional equipment can reduce the hassle of a move. Six things you should rent to make moving day less stressful include:

1. Wardrobe boxes

They're usually made out of cardboard and have a metal rod inside to hang your clothes on.

  • By simply transferring your clothes from your closet to the box, you can save both time and space.

2. A household appliance dolly

More robust than a regular dolly, this dolly is equipped with two wheels and an integrated belt.

  • It helps to keep the appliance in place while it’s being transported.

3. Furniture moving belts

There are several types of belts to choose from depending on the piece of furniture that you want to move.

  • These belts are often used for moving mattresses, heavy furniture, and even smaller appliances.

Avoiding accidents
There are other accessories you can rent (or buy) to help you safely transport your most fragile possessions including:

4. Ratchet straps

These adjustable straps can be used to hold boxes or furniture in place.

  • This will help prevent items from sliding around in the truck and getting damaged—or injuring someone.

5. Padded blankets

It's highly recommended to rent padded blankets to cover your wooden furniture, piano or appliances.

  • They will protect them from scrapes and scratches during the move.

6. Specialty boxes

There are also boxes specifically designed to transport musical instruments, art, mirrors and sports equipment such as golf bags and bicycles.

  • These tailor-made boxes provide ample protection for your valuables and also allow you to save space in the truck.

Things to keep in mind

It's crucial that you learn how to wear and operate furniture moving belts at the time of rental.

  • Improper use of these types of belts may cause discomfort and even injury.

Many of the companies that rent moving equipment also sell and rent moving boxes.

  • If you purchase the boxes, some companies will even offer to buy them back at half the purchase price after you’re done.

Many moving companies offer deals on equipment and seasonal promotions.

  • Depending on the time of year you plan to move, it's in your best interest to make a few phone calls first.
  • Don’t hesitate to research the competitors and compare prices to find the best deal available.
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