6 unexpected items that will add texture to any room

Use these tips to layer luxurious textures and create an unexpected designer look for your home.

6 unexpected items that will add texture to any room

We often use throw pillows and plush rugs to add texture to our home, but many other accessories are often overlooked.

1. Textile wall hangings

Unusual wall art alternatives are in the midst of a huge comeback.

  • From richly textured woven panels to artful knots revived from their utilitarian past, textile wall hangings infuse any room with visual (and tactile) interest.
  • Search online for inspiration, then try making a small piece of your own — nautical knot techniques, simple weaving, and hand-knitting are easy skills to get you started.
  • For an even more eclectic feel, group together several small pieces in a similar colour palette on a large wall.

2. Lacquered or enamelled furniture

A good coat of glossy lacquer or enamel paint gives any piece a fresh feel.

  • Whether you're aiming for a bright, candy-coloured finish with a playful feel, or a deep, luxurious finish with a high end shine, the sleek, smooth gloss offered by these techniques adds a richness to your home's decor.
  • Try mixing lacquered or enamelled furniture with nubby, matte surfaces for an artful juxtaposition.

3. Live-edge woods

For a rustic or bohemian vibe, incorporating a live-edge wood piece is a must.

  • Because of their unique, organic compositions, no two pieces are exactly alike.
  • Not ready to commit to a live-edge coffee table? Try starting with smaller pieces, such as a live-edge tablet stand or bookends.

4. Brass accents

While any reflective metal will do, brass is the on-trend pick of the moment as a high-end home accent.

  • For a low-commitment, low-cost way to incorporate brass accents, try a pair of stunning candlesticks or a smart, sophisticated tray — a great piece for the coffee table or the home office.

5. Aged leathers

A pristine leather sofa may be a timeless home design piece, but there are plenty more ways to decorate with aged leathers.

  • One of the most prevalent new home trends is adding leather drawer and cabinet pulls to existing furniture pieces for a new look.
  • For this easy do-it-yourself project, use scrap pieces of leather, often available for cheap at craft and fabric stores.

6. Glass tiles

If you're a confident weekend renovator, a tiling project may be right for you.

  • Use glass tiles in a variegated tonal scheme to add depth and eye-catching light to your home.
  • While these neo-retro tiles are a natural fit for the kitchen or bathroom, you can also branch out and incorporate them elsewhere in your home by tiling the surface of a side table, or making tile coasters.
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