6 ways to make your boots last longer

July 29, 2015

Your boots were made for walking, and that's just what they'll continue to do as long as you give them a bit of regular maintenance.

6 ways to make your boots last longer

1. Don't get down in the heel

  • For boots with heels, you'll want to get them reheeled sooner rather than later.
  • Reheeling your boots costs much less than buying a new pair.

2. Keep dust away

  • Keep boots in a box or bag to keep dust off of them while they're being stored.
  • If you use boxes and they're not the original ones, make sure to label them before stacking or storing.

3. Protect from wetness

If you're expecting rain, or know there are puddles or slush outside, it's best to keep your leather boots at home and opt for something more weather-appropriate.

4. Clean after a hike

  • If you got your hiking boots muddy on your last trek, the most effective way to clean them is to let the mud dry and then brush it off with a sturdy brush.
  • To maintain the finish, apply boot wax frequently and afterward warm the boots in the sun so the leather can absorb the wax. This will help hiking boots repel water.

5. Treat boots with care

A good pair of leather boots is an investment. Here's how to keep your boots around long enough to become comfy old friends:

  • Don't let your boot tops flop over in the closet. They'll develop an unsightly crease. Instead, store them over boot trees.
  • Wax your boots often to keep them water repellent and looking new.
  • If you get salt on your boots from walking on city sidewalks in the winter, wipe the salt away with a cloth soaked in vinegar.

6. Make those cowboys last

Whether your cowboy boots are made of leather or more exotic skins, they'll need some special care. With the proper attention, cowboy boots have been known to last over a decade.

  • Don't wear exotics too often, the skin is too thin, more like cloth than leather. Except for alligator, which is as durable as leather, and bull hide, which is the most durable of all.
  • Before wearing a pair for the first time, have them fitted with rubber soles. When the rubber wears out, just replace it. Besides protecting the boots, the rubber soles will keep your feet dry, should you step in a puddle.
  • Clean the boots with saddle soap, and then use a leather conditioner on them.
  • Polish them with a shoe polish that is one shade darker than the boots, it will hold the colour better. Never use neutral polish.
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