6 ways to spend a night out without alcohol in Calgary

April 25, 2017

By Shane Flug

Clubs and pubs are nightlife standbys, but they aren’t for everyone. For those who want to have a good time with friends or meet new people without an accompanying pint or wine glass, here are some fun evening activities in Calgary to check out. [Photo credit: istockphoto.com/MarkHatfield]

6 ways to spend a night out without alcohol in Calgary

Draw your bow

Ever wanted to feel like Robin Hood (sans tights)? You’re in luck, because Ottawa-based Archery Games has expanded into Calgary. The first indoor archery tag arena in Calgary offers 15 minutes of instruction and target practice before gameplay – think dodgeball, but with bows and (foam-tipped) arrows.

Trap mice or sink battleships

For $5 per person, the library at Pips Board Game Café offers more than 500 board games with all the classics like Monopoly and Mouse Trap, as well as popular modern entries such as Cards Against Humanity. If you’re anxiously awaiting your fellow players to land on Park Place or Boardwalk, caffeinate with an espresso from Rosso Coffee Roasters.

Work your flying chops

Axe throwing isn’t just for Game of Thrones characters – it’s also a full-fledged sport with two facilities open in Calgary. Backyard Axe Throwing League (BATL) and Axe Throwing Calgary offer tips from seasoned coaches on best throwing practices. Check the websites for BATL and Axe Throwing Calgary websites for group booking availability and walk-in pricing.


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Try to escape

Escape rooms have been growing increasingly popular in Calgary over the past few years. These rooms challenge guests to solve a series of clues in under an hour in order to escape.

Local rooms include the challenge of escaping a cursed tomb at Level 1 Escape, clearing your name after being framed for murder at Escape Capers or having some “yuuuge” laughs at Confined Escape RoomsTrump Tower escape room, which is the best escape room. Wonderful escape room. Tremendous escape room. Believe me.

Learn a new passion

Evening classes aren’t just for career development – they can also help you develop a new pastime. Get your dance on every Friday evening with Alberta Dancesport’s Friday drop-in classes and dance parties at Vecova Recreation Centre or dip your hands into sculpting or ceramics at one of the Alberta College of Art + Design’s credit-free evening courses for adults.

If you’re looking to learn how to paint, check out this Smart List or take up a fireworks photography workshop this summer during GlobalFest with local photographer Neil Zeller. Keep track of educational meetups online at the Calgary School of Informal Education for any events that interest you.

Whether you’ve never been into the bar scene or have moved past it, places like these prove you can have plenty of fun in Calgary sans alcohol.

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