Say goodbye to split ends forever

January 29, 2015

Split ends can have disastrous effects on your hair, making it dry, damaged, and dull. Nip that problem in the bud with these hair-saving tips to both treat and prevent split ends.

1. Condition your ends

Conditioner has a tendency to weigh hair down if applied to the roots. Instead of nixing conditioner from your routine altogether, just use it on the ends of your hair. The tips are what need the extra hydration most, anyway. By applying conditioner to your ends regularly, you can both repair the damage, and prevent more ends from splitting in the future.

2. Get a regular trim

Trimming your hair every eight weeks is the ideal way to get rid of and prevent future split ends. Once an end has split, it continues to separate until the hair breaks somewhere in the middle. Going for a regular trim will get rid of the nasty split ends you have, and prevent new ones that may threaten your strong strands.

3. Curl your hair from the top

The ends of your hair are the oldest and see the most damage over time. Heated styling tools are one of the main culprits of split ends. When it comes to curling your hair, don’t start your curl from the bottom. This will only lengthen the amount of time your already weak ends spend on the hot device. Instead, start from the top, which is much stronger and wrap the hair around the iron with your fingers. Pro tip: wear a heat-resistant glove to prevent burns.

4. Use the nozzle on your hair dryer

They come with every blow dryer for a reason. A hair dryer nozzle will direct the hot air directly to the spot you want to reach, without throwing all of your hair around and damaging it further with heat. While the hair dryer itself will still cause some heat damage, controlling its projection will limit the damage it causes.

5. Don’t go out with wet hair

Environmental factors play a big role in your hair’s overall health. Dry air can make split ends worse, so try to avoid going outside with wet hair in the winter, when the air can dry out your vulnerable wet locks even further.

6. Wrap a scarf around your hair in winter

Wrapping a fashionable silk scarf or warm winter hat around your hair will also help protect it from harsh environmental factors. It will protect your hair from the elements and prevent a lot of the split end damage normally caused by cold, gusting winds.

Say goodbye to split ends forever
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