6 ways you can grow your own health food store

July 27, 2015

An organic garden may seem daunting to a beginner, but it's really easy to convert to organic or start one from scratch start one or convert to organic. Here's how:

6 ways you can grow your own health food store

1. Pick the perfect spot

  • Your organic garden should be in a spot that gets at least six hours of full sun each day. The more sun, the better.
  • Make sure the soil is well drained. Water shouldn't pool after an average rainfall.
  • A wire fence may be needed to keep out rabbits, deer and other wildlife.

2. Stop using lawn chemicals

  • Instead of lawn chemicals, take good care of your lawn so that healthy grass combats weeds and disease.
  • Some organic gardeners use liquid copper sulfate, labelled in greenhouse displays as organic. Note that copper sulfate can be harmful to people and to fish.

3. Feed the soil

  • Great soil is the basis of a great organic garden because it's an intricate and highly sophisticated ecosystem.
  • Improve the soil by using lots of compost or fish emulsion, and by creating good drainage.

4. Keep up with your landscape chores

Well-watered, weeded and otherwise carefully tended plants seldom need the help of chemicals.

5. Attract wildlife

  • Contrary to popular belief, some animals are great for your garden.
  • You'll create a complex micro-environment in your garden, which helps to prevent pests and diseases from getting the upper hand.
  • Put up bird feeders, birdbaths and birdhouses.
  • Plant flowers and shrubs that attract butterflies and bees.

6. Tolerate imperfection

When you have to deal with a pest or disease, unless it threatens to spread, take it in stride. If the affected plant isn't likely to recover, tear it out and start over.

Growing organic takes a little more effort and time, but the results can be well worth it. Pay attention to your plants and don't be afraid to start over. Pretty soon, your dinner table could star vegetables you grew yourself.

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