7 autumn home-design trends sure to make a bold statement

October 6, 2015

Bring the freshly harvested feeling of fall into your home this season with these seven design trends.

7 autumn home-design trends sure to make a bold statement

1. Fall-themed wreaths

Wreaths have always been a staple around the home, but they're making their mark as a statement piece this year.

  • The fall home design trend incorporates elements of the outdoors, such as dried leaves and acorns and weaves in bold accessories, like metallic ornaments and shiny stones.
  • These wreaths are large and make an over-the-top statement.

2. Clean, neutral accessories

While fall shades of burnt orange and yellow are always a must, this year's accents are neutral.

  • White, grey, light brown and clean prints are on the minds of today's designers.
  • The key to nailing this trend is to keep all colours within the same shade category and to keep all prints minimal.

3. Fall entryways

Greet guests with a feeling of cheer this season.

  • Accent your door with lovely garlands of fall leaves or berry wreaths.
  • Whatever you decide to use for your doorway, bring the element into your home by continuing the design throughout the living and dining rooms.

4. Natural accessories

Fall is the season where nature makes itself known in the most beautiful ways. Keep this trend going inside of your home by introducing the theme to your living space.

  • Replace the flowers in your vases with twigs or pussy willows and tie off the bouquet with natural dried grass.
  • Add pine cones to centrepieces and dip your candles in a coating of clear wax with dried herbs.

5. Wooden fixtures

Add the feel of fall into your home by tossing in a few wooden fixtures.

  • This trend really showcases the wood's grain and age rings, so keep it natural.
  • Try to stay away from synthetic wood and go for evergreen chairs or small side tables.

6. Find your spice

  • It seems that every store you enter smells of pumpkin spice and warm cinnamon.
  • However, if you don't like the smell of spice, you can add a few splashes of spicy colour to your living room and kitchen. Burnt-orange, burgundy, brown and yellow are a few choices to look into.

7. Add a splash of turquoise blue

This blue trend is a fall must—but not just any blue—turquoise blue.

  • Luckily, summer is filled with Southwest designs and lots of turquoise, so you may already have a few blue accessories.

Decorate your home with style and spice

Fall and wintertime means entertainment time for family and friends.

It's all about togetherness and showcasing your entertaining spaces in the best light, so grab a few natural accessories and load your home with style and spice.

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