7 curtain rods styles that can enhance your decor

July 27, 2015

After you've picked out  the fabric, style and type of window dressings, it's time to pick the curtain rods. the most popular kinds to help you get the perfect match.

7 curtain rods styles that can enhance your decor

1. Plain rods

  • Buy these rods in a size range that includes your window's width.
  • Plain rods adjust lengthwise.
  • A single rod holds one curtain with a casing or rod pocket at the top. A double rod holds two curtains or a curtain plus valance.

2. Spring-tension rods

These rods come in different lengths and widths, but they all adjust lengthwise with a spring for a snug fit. Pick a rod diameter small enough to go into the curtain's rod pocket.

3. Cafe curtain rods

Used with rings to suspend café curtains, this rod lets you open and close the curtains manually. You can also use this rod instead of a plain rod for curtains that have a rod pocket.

4. Traverse rods

Traverse rods come in three basic types:

  • Conventional traverse rods open pleated draperies from the centre to each side.
  • One-way-draw rods let you pull them to one side of the window.
  • Double traverse rods let you hang and operate two pairs of curtains.

5. Decorative traverse rods

  • These rods look like café curtain rods but operate like traverse rods.
  • They have eyelets or rings on a track for hanging the draperies.
  • Choose drapery pins or hooks that allow you to still see the rod.

6. Wooden rods

With ornate or simple end pieces, wooden rods are usually mounted just above the window frame. They're available in various diameters, and let you open and close the curtains manually.

7. Wrought-iron rods

These are decorative rods, typically mounted with brackets just above the window frame. Ideal for softly draped toppers or tab curtains, you can find matching wrought-iron rings to complete the look.

With all the decisions that go into buying window dressings, it's important to have the information you need to make the right choice. With those factors in mind, you could find curtain rods that give your home a nice finishing touch.

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