7 gourmet pizza toppings from around the world

November 3, 2015

7 gourmet pizza toppings from around the world

Some of the following pizza toppings will give you a digestive pause for thought. So, while pizza is thought to be an Italian specialty, it has taken on a whole new dimension when eaten at various places around the globe.

7 gourmet pizza toppings from around the world

1. Australia

In Australia, pizza pies are topped with Australian cuisine in the form of kangaroo, emu, and crocodile meat mixed with barbecue sauce. Australians also like their pizzas spruced up with pineapple, shrimp, and barbecue sauce. Regardless of the individual toppings, they like to include a bit of tanginess and spice.

2. France

In France, pizza takes the form of a North American breakfast, as fried egg is used as a common topping for the pie. The French like their eggs sunny-side up with the topping first fried in a pan before it is included on the top. French people also enjoy tarte flambée in the Bas-Rhin part of Alsace, located in northeast France. The French delicacy features a crèpe-type dough supplemented on top with bacon, sliced onions, and crème fraiche, a thick and smooth heavy butterfat cream.

3. India

Should you order pizza in India, then get prepared for eating such toppings as paneer (close to cottage cheese in appearance and taste), tofu, and minced mutton meat. People in the country also like to add chicken cooked with a hot yogurt sauce as a topping. The concoction is called tikka.

4. Russia

Russians reserve their taste buds for mockba, a pizza that is topped with such Russian-friendly foods as tuna, mackerel, sardines, salmon and onions. The flavourful fishy pizza is usually served up cold — just like the Russian climate.

5. Sweden

Swedish people prefer to eat their thin-crust versions of pizza with a knife and fork. They particularly like Africana pizza whose toppings include bananas, pineapple chunks, and chicken with plenty of curry sprinkled on top of the exotic toppings.

6. Japan

The Japanese favour a pizza known as mayo jaga — a pie that is topped with potatoes, corn, bacon, pimiento, mayo, and onion. The pizza is on the menu at Domino's in Japan.

7. Germany

While Canadians and Americans like pepperoni and sausage pizza, Germans would rather have a tuna pizza instead. The topping is eaten alone or combined with other ingredients.


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