7 ways to stay fit while travelling

November 6, 2014

Staying fit while you travel doesn't have to be stressful. With a little planning and creativity, you can stay strong and boost your energy on your next vacation.

7 ways to stay fit while travelling

1. Do pre-trip research

Before your trip, go online and investigate the fitness facilities in and around your accommodation.

  • Does it offer an on-site fitness centre, or does it have a partnership with a nearby gym?
  • Check to see if it has a pool and whether it's indoor or outdoor.
  • Some hotels offer fitness classes and even walking and running tours.
  • You can also look for accessible parks or jogging trails.

2. Plan to eat well

Pack healthy snacks to offset the damage of vacation or business trip snacking.

  • Go to a grocery store near your hotel and stock your mini-fridge with healthy, filling options such as cut-up veggies, yogurt, fresh fruit and nuts.
  • You can also scope out the local restaurants that pique your interest. Check menus online and go in with a plan before you sit down.

3. Pack for fitness

If you pack workout gear, chances are you'll use it. You don't need much; think light and easy.

  • Strength train with resistance bands, or give yourself a short-but-sweet cardiovascular workout with a jump rope.
  • Throw in a pedometer to track daily steps.

4. Dress for fit travel

Pack lightweight, quick-dry workout clothes.

  • Take them into the shower with you to clean them, then simply hang to dry.
  • In transit, wear clothes that allow you to take advantage of layovers and rest stops.
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes and clothing that stretches with you.
  • Walk briskly around the airport between flights, and once you've reached your destination, stretch or do a couple yoga poses.
  • Downward dog and child's pose can help your body reset after sitting in cramped airplane seats.

5. Get the lay of the land

Upon arrival, explore the property and all its amenities.

  • Ask the concierge or your host to recommend walking or running routes. Then, go for a run or a walk and enjoy the sights while you exercise.
  • Cool off with a few laps at the pool.

6. Plan an athletic activity

See what the city or town has to offer and take advantage of the activities

  • Book a biking, walking or kayaking tour to see a different side of the place your visiting.
  • Check to see if there is an activity you've been wanting to try but haven't at home, such as paddle boarding.

7. Get creative

Make the room your gym if your hotel doesn't have one.

  • The area next to the bed in most hotel rooms is an ideal spot for an impromptu yoga or Pilates session.
  • Alternatively, try completing as many push-ups as you can in 60 seconds, then hold a plank position for 60 seconds, and finish by standing on a pillow and performing one minute's worth of single-legged squats. Switch legs.

When you're travelling, chances are you're not going to get in your full workout, but remember that an abbreviated fitness session is better than none at all.

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