7 lawn care essentials for a gorgeous garden

March 1, 2015

The right tools and supplies will help you keep your lawn lush. If you're new to home ownership, here are seven lawn-care equipment essentials to have in your shed to keep your lawn looking beautiful.

7 lawn care essentials for a gorgeous garden

1. Lawn mower

The first step to a well-groomed lawn is a mower. They come in many shapes and sizes, but you should choose one with intuitive controls and easy-to-adjust settings. Look for mowers with a mulching option that provides free, natural fertilizer.

  • You can choose between gas or electric-powered motors. In general, electric motors are quieter but less powerful. In contrast, gas-powered equipment is more powerful, but also noisier, smellier and will require regular maintenance.

2. Fertilizer

Fertilizer comes in organic and inorganic forms. Inorganic fertilizers are a combination of chemicals that plants need to thrive and should be watered in to avoid burning. Organic fertilizers include compost and mulch, which are more natural ways to feed your lawn.

3. Spreader

Applying fertilizer by hand is time consuming and imprecise. A lawn spreader with wheels will evenly distribute fertilizer and grass seed with minimal effort.

4. Edger

Edgers will keep your lawn well-manicured. String edgers are lightweight and easy to use on grass and other small plants. Heavy-duty metal edgers are more powerful and can deal with larger bushes and plants.

5. Sprinkler

  • Sprinkler systems are an easy way to keep your lawn hydrated. Sprinklers mainly take three forms: sprinkler hoses that lie across the yard, built-in sprinkler systems, or the classic sprinkler hooked up to a hose.
  • Select a system that covers most of your lawn, so you don’t have to constantly move it.

6. Lawn aerator

Lawns need loose soil to help them stay healthy. Lawn aerators break up hard ground for improved drainage and help moisture reach your lawn’s roots.

7. Rake or leaf blower

A great-looking lawn is free from clippings and dead leaves. You’ll need to regularly take a rake or leaf blower to your lawn to keep the grass clear, especially in autumn.

Lawn care tips

Besides the equipment, you’ll need some know-how for a beautiful lawn:

  • In general, mow your lawn once a week and only in dry conditions.
  • Grass is healthiest when cut two to three inches high. More will look overgrown, while less is dangerous to the grass’ health.
  • Water your grass in the evening or morning so the sun doesn’t dry it out. Water more often in hot weather.
  • Be mindful of local water restrictions. Some municipalities will ban lawn watering if there’s a water shortage.
  • Your lawn needs roughly 2.5 centimetres of water per week.

Lawn maintenance starts with the right tools. Now, you can grab the essentials for a beautiful, well-manicured lawn—and spend less time maintaining it and more time enjoying it!

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