7 smart reasons you should hire a moving company

December 8, 2014

Whether it's for just around the corner or across the country, hiring specialists takes the worry out of moving. Here are 7 smart reasons you should get a moving company for the big day.

7 smart reasons you should hire a moving company

A good mover should always be able to put your mind at ease. Whatever the circumstances, these 7 clever reasons for hiring movers will erase any doubts you may have.

1. You’re in a rush

Your property has been sold on the condition that you vacate within 30 days. This presents a challenge. It’s better to hire a moving company with skilled employees, trained to be fast and effective.

  • Movers can also pack your belongings AND provide the boxes, blankets and everything else you need. You'll save valuable time.

2. You can’t take time off or you haven’t found anyone to help

If you're worried about running out of time or manpower, it would be to your advantage to seek professional movers, even if only to move your largest items (furniture and appliances) or most fragile belongings.

  • This way, in the weeks leading up to the move, you’ll have ample time to pack and transport some of the boxes yourself, knowing the bigger stuff will be taken care of.

3. Long-distance moves

Let’s be honest, the idea of a five-hour round trip for each load can discourage even the most devoted friends and family: it seems that at the last minute, something comes up and there's always an excuse.

  • Budget all costs. For example, it’s more cost-effective to hire transportation for a single trip with a moving company than to fill up everybody’s gas tank and spring for their beer and pizza.
  • Consider, if you and your helpers get off to a late start, you may not be settled enough to comfortably accommodate everyone spending the night at your new place.

4. Moving during winter months

Imagine rolling down an icy sidewalk, negotiating snow banks and losing your footing while carrying the refrigerator. It happens.

  • Even if you rent equipment (e.g., bungee cords, a moving dolly), you’re still liable if any one of your helpers gets hurt.
  • Moving companies have insurance for this purpose. Professional movers are also covered by Canadian and provincial occupational health and safety standards.

5. You’re not very good at packing or moving

Physically, you may not be cut out for organizing a big move. In this case, better leave it to the experts to make your boxes and take over the operation. Stress can make us lose our cool. Plus, professional movers have done it lots before and know all the tricks.

  • This way, you can spend time numbering boxes to make sure nothing goes astray. What's more, you can supervise what's going on to ensure moving goes as smoothly as possible.

6. You’ve moved five times over the last ten years!

At this point, family and friends may be a little fed up.

  • Is there a better reason to hire expert movers?

7. You have a valuable art collection

Moving companies have additional insurance for fragile, oversized items and valuables. It’s better to file a claim than to lose a friend.

  • For belongings like a piano or a wine collection, there are also specialized moving companies with expertise transporting such items. Consider shipping your precious goods separately.
  • Of course jewellery should always go with you, if possible, as a safeguard.
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