7 things every gardener should be doing now

August 27, 2021

Late-summer is an idyllic season to sit back and enjoy your garden — but this transitional period is also a good time to prune, plant, and prepare your outdoor space for the months ahead. If you want to keep your landscaping looking lovely year-round, these gardening tips will help you prepare your outdoor space for fall and ensure you have a healthy lawn and gorgeous flowering blooms come springtime.

7 things every gardener should be doing now

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1. Deadhead flowering plants
As soon as your end-of-summer flowering perennials start to wilt and brown, deadhead blossoms by cutting them at the base of the stem. Clipping blooms now will keep your garden looking tidy, prevent unwanted self-seeding, and ensure healthy regrowth next season.
2. Keep watering
There are still plenty of dry hot days at this time of year, so it’s important to keep your lawn, flower beds, and container plants well hydrated. Beat the heat by watering in the morning when it's cooler. And remember to water plants directly at the base — not on the leaves — since excess moisture on the foliage can cause diseases and fungal growth over time.


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3. Seed your grass
If your lawn is dry and patchy after a summer of hot weather, the warm days and cooler nights around Labour Day are the perfect growing conditions to plant new grass seed. Seedlings will have plenty of time to germinate and establish strong roots before the first frost. Lay down top-quality seed in bare spots and select the right blend based on your lawn’s sun-exposure levels.

4. Prune overgrown areas
Trimming overgrown hedges, trees, and flowering bushes is an outdoor chore that many homeowners tend to overlook — but a little maintenance goes a long way. Prune your summer-flowering shrubs and remove any diseased leaves now for healthier plants with thicker foliage and more blooms next year.
5. Divide perennials
Early fall is the perfect time to divide spring-flowering perennials to prevent overcrowding and promote healthy growth. Several weeks after flowering, dig up and transplant plants to their new location to give them time to establish strong roots before the first frost. Continue a regular watering schedule and lay down mulch around the base to promote healthy development.
6. Continue regular weeding
You might be tired after a long season of battling invasive weeds, but don’t let your garden get scraggly and crowded now. Continue weeding into the fall to improve the look of your landscaping and protect your perennials. Try weeding in the early morning or just after rainfall, when the moist soil makes it easier to pull up stubborn weeds from the roots.

7. Buy new tools

With the gardening season winding down, you can take advantage of great deals on new tools and yard equipment. Take stock of your current inventory and identify any items that might need replacing after heavy use over the spring and summer — then get shopping and enjoy those end-of-season sales.

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